Reasons Why You Should Learn To Play the Clarinet

Reasons Why You Should Learn To Play the Clarinet

Reasons Why You Should Learn To Play the Clarinet

Are you interested to learn instruments but are unsure of which one to begin with? Or have you been considering having your child learn the clarinet? 

Clarinets are popular in the world of musical instruments, but not without reason. These phenomenal instruments act as a gateway to music. You have the opportunity to explore all types of music genres with the clarinet. Playing the clarinet exposes you to other instruments that you could learn to play. 

Besides, playing the clarinet has a significant positive impact on your body and brain. It boosts your brain capacity and body coordination. Below are reasons why learning to play the clarinet is the best choice you will ever make!

  • It Is an Excellent Choice for Beginners.

Never played a musical instrument before? You have no reason to be nervous. Clarinets are easy to learn and handle instruments. When learning a new instrument, tuning, keys, toning, and mind-body coordination come to play. Compared to other instruments, the concepts employed in playing the clarinet are easier to learn. If you are a devoted student, it will not take long before you play like a pro.

  • Different Types of Clarinets Are Available In the Market

There are many types of clarinets in the market today. You can research the available options and choose the one that best suits you. If you are new to this, you will probably find it challenging to select an excellent clarinet, to begin with. We recommend purchasing a clarinet from one of the best companies – Etude. Comparing the superior clarinets from this company, Etude-200 vs. ECL-100, the Etude ECL-200 would be an excellent choice for beginners. For a seamless learning experience, you want an instrument that’s easy to assemble, easy to handle, and with great sound quality.

  • Buying a Clarinet Won’t Drain Your Account.

Although the advanced clarinets are a bit expensive, you can find an affordable beginner-friendly clarinet. You cannot compare the price of a clarinet to that of other instruments like the piano. Therefore, the clarinet is an affordable choice for a beginner who wants to discover their place in the music world.

  • The Clarinet Is Common In School Bands 

Woodwind instruments have an allocation in orchestras. With a clarinet, you will always have a role in the band. You will have a lot of time learning and practicing playing the instrument. Also, you have the opportunity to interact and play the instrument amongst other learners like you.

  • You Get To Improve Your Body-Mind Coordination Skills

If you play the clarinet for long enough, you will notice significant improvements in your coordination skills. Have you seen how clarinet players need to use their fingers, eyes, mouth, and brain simultaneously? To play the instrument well, you need to master how to make precise finger movements. Your brain needs to be alert so that your sound is in sync with other band members. Actively playing the clarinet will polish your coordination skills a great deal.

  • Clarinets Are Portable

Most clarinets come in five parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble. When disassembled, the parts can fit into a small case that fits into your backpack. If you have a practice lesson, you only need to put the case in your bag and be on your way!

  • It Promotes Social Interactions and Building Relationships

If you play the clarinet, you are likely to join a band. Being a part of a band is more than just music. You will all learn together, play together, and learn to be in sync. You all have to be on the same page for the music to come out great. It takes excellent teamwork and appreciation of each other’s roles to get here. Besides, every time you show up for practice or to play at an event, you will have fun together at the same time. You can make lifetime friendships and connections from the band. 

  • It Is a Great Breathing Exercise

The clarinet won’t work without air. The sound will not come out great if the air blows are not well calculated. Learning how to make the perfect blows teaches you how to control your breathing pattern. You get to exercise your lungs, improving your lung capacity. 

  • It Opens Doors to a Potential Career Path

If you love music, you can make it your career. Playing the clarinet opens multiple doors for you. You can join bands and attend paid shows. You can also advance and learn other professional instruments and build a career in the instrument industry. Who would not love to earn while pursuing their passion? This is a bonus benefit you will get from learning the clarinet.


Clarinets are brilliant instruments. If you get the opportunity to learn the instrument, grab it! You can explore a variety of music genres with the clarinet and discover which one you play best. It is an excellent option for you if you want to explore the world of musical instruments as a beginner.