Popular Destinations Around The World

Popular Destinations Around The World

 Popular Destinations Around The World

Travel is the cure when you feel stuck in your routine. Take a break from the grind and jump on a flight to an unknown destination. Traveling is an excellent way to immerse yourself in a new culture and enhance personal growth. Whether you seek education, beautiful scenery, mouth-watering cuisine or family fun, keep these tips in mind. 

Explore Learning Opportunities

Japan is a beautiful country with the most prestigious universities worldwide, ideal for foreign studies. When becoming an international student, housing is a crucial decision. Some students prefer dorms, while others prefer the comforts of a home.

Take advantage of your time and embrace the culture through activities. For example, take a hike on the Kumano Kodu Trail, visit the Himeji Castle or enroll in a Japanese cooking class.

France is an excellent destination for studying abroad thanks to its rich culture and flourishing student life. When deciding on housing, booking accommodations through your school is the best option to ensure campus closeness and having everything ready upon arrival.

Welcome your new city by engaging in local attractions. Plan a visit to the Eiffel Tower; it is a must when exploring France. The Louvre, Paris Catacombs, Palace of Versailles and Seine River are other equally fantastic options to explore. 

Be mindful of what your education goals are when choosing a destination. But, if you decide to take a year off, you must remember that there are gap year pros and cons.

Perfect Beach Get-Aways

Turks and Caicos have the most pristine beaches stretched for miles along its coast. These beaches are adorned with rewards for white sandy beaches, tranquil settings and crystal clear water, making them the ideal spot for relaxation. 

Since the ocean is king in Turks and Caicos, center your activities around water; Sailing, windsurfing and kayaking are just a few options. 

Malibu is the perfect place for stunning sunsets, a calming sea breeze, and outstanding ocean views. Sought out as one of the top beach destinations in California, Malibu is the perfect setting for melting your cares away or fun-filled adventures. 

Explore Escondido Falls, visit Malibu Pier or the Getty Villa during your time here. The mix of relaxed attractions and luxury hotspots gives you endless exploration possibilities.

Taste of Foreign Countries

Morocco is a remarkable country with exotic cities full of culture. Moroccan food is high on the list as some of the world's finest eats. Try these delicious meals during your stay:

  • Tagine is spiced vegetables cooked in a light broth mixed with meat, fish or chicken, then cooked inside a heavy pottery bowl.
  • Harira is a savory soup with chickpeas, herbs and tomatoes, often prepared with lamb or chicken.
  • Saffa with chicken is a steamed rice dish combined with chicken stewed with aromatics and dusted with powdered sugar. 
  • Chebakia is a pastry shaped like a rose, dipped in a honey and orange blossom water mixture, then sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Whether you are going to Morocco for business or pleasure, get ready for a culinary treat.

Italy is known worldwide for its amazingly delicious cuisine, making it a must for any food lover. Italian food is legendary, thanks to its fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

  • Risotto Alla Milan is a creamy rice dish cooked with butter, cheese, chicken broth and a touch of saffron.
  • Ribollita is a hearty soup with seasoned vegetables, spices and cannellini beans thickened with crusty bread.
  • Squash blossoms are orange flowers stuffed with local favorites, flavored cheese, then lightly battered and fried. 
  • Cannoli is a tube-shaped fried pastry dough filled with a sweet and creamy ricotta cheese filling.

The freshness of ingredients combined with the culture makes Italy an unforgettable food destination.

Family-Friendly Get-Aways

Walt Disney World is the most recognized family destination. Get the most out of your experience by staying at one of its world-class resorts. These resorts give you access to transportation systems, exclusive park perks and a dining plan. Get ready for a trip filled with magic, excitement, and endless entertainment.

Disney has four main parks: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. You can take the time to visit all four parks or spend all your time at just one. You will have a fabulous time no matter what you choose.

Gatlinburg is a beautifully scenic town located in Tennessee. Since Gatlinburg is a popular tourist destination, there will be no shortage of attractions to visit. Ripley's Aquarium, Anakeesta and Wild Bear Water Park are some of the attractions your family will adore.

Skip the hotel and opt for a cabin. Floor-to-ceiling windows for a picturesque view and spacious living quarters make a cabin the perfect family-friendly place for your stay.

No matter who you are, you will travel at some point in your life. Whether you choose to stay in your country or spend some time abroad, the choice is yours. So don't be shy; open your world with the limitless possibilities traveling brings.