Needle Punch Embroidery Complete Tutorial

Needle Punch Embroidery Complete  Tutorial

Needle Punch Embroidery Complete Tutorial

There are different methods to perform embroidery on clothes, whether with the help of your hands or by using the embroidery machines. The best embroidery machines are available in the market that helps you perform this task perfectly. If you are looking for the perfect method to design the needle punch embroidery, then you are at the right place. Stay connected with us to learn how to perform this task.

What Is Needle Punch Embroidery?

Needle punching is a type of embroidery that utilizes a (hollow) punch needle to pierce threads or yarn into fabric, pull the needle out of the cloth, and leave a loop of thread on the other side of the fabric. It is the most traditional way of designing embroidery that lasts for a hundred and thousand years. This technique helps you create enduring designs that can attract every eye that falls on it.  

Step By Step Tutorial For Needle Punch Embroidery

To help you understand this procedure more accurately, we will go through the step-by-step approach and help you learn the tiny and deepest details. Follow the steps given below to perform this task in a perfect manner:

1. Material Required

  1. Punch Needles
  2. Embroidery Hoop or Frame
  3. Embroidery Floss or Yarn
  4. Punch Needle Fabric
  5. Punch Needle Pattern
  6. Tracing pencil or carbon paper
  7. Punch Needle Threader
  8. Embroidery scissors

2. Trace The Pattern On Fabric

Take your pattern drawn on the paper and place it on a plain and hard surface. Then take the fabric on which you want to perform punch needle embroidery. Place the fabric onto the paper of the design pattern and apply the removable tape to stick both of them so that they don't move while you are marking the pattern on the fabric. After this, trace the pattern with your tracing pen or calcium pencil. You should use a contrasting colour to your fabric.

3. Prepare Your Embroidery Hoop

Your fabric must be very tight in your hoop to achieve the best results for your punch needle project. The drums should be tight, and try to use the smaller embroidery hoop to make it easier for you to get your fabric tight. You have to place your punch fabric within the inner embroidery hoop for that purpose. Then place the outer ring of your embroidery hoop on the top of the punch fabric. Then tighten the drum by using the brass screw. Use a screwdriver to make it perfectly tight.

4. Thread The Punch Needle

At this step, you have to insert your needle threader into the needle's long end. Enter the side of your needle from the sharp end that will be poked into your punch fabric. Thread it through the metallic threader that comes out from the back of your punch needle. Then you have to pull your needle threader all the way through your needle from the front side of the punch needle. You must now thread your yarn through the needle's aperture (the needle hole). You should first bring the threader through the needle hole and then insert your yarn into the needle. After this, take out the needle threader. If your yarn is too thick for your needle, the threader can easily break, so be careful while performing this task.

5. Punch The Needle On Fabric

First of all, you should push the punch needle straight down into the fabric until it stops. It is essential that the needle hole, the part where your thread comes out, is on the backside of your needle as you move forward. Then you should slowly raise the needle to the fabric's surface until the tip is precise. You should not raise the needle too high because this will cause the loop to become loose or pull out. So, slide the needlepoint close to the fabric as per the needle's width.

Now repeat this task until you reach at the corner; then, you should stop with the needle in the down position, rotate the hoop, and then continue to punch along the new line. This means you will always be punching right to the left and left to right. If your thread is finished, you should push your needle to the loopy side of the fabric, pull out the needle, and cut your thread as per the height of the loop. 

Clean up your starting point thread end once you've finished with a specific colour and want to add the new colour of thread. Use the embroidery needle to bring the end of your thread to the backside of the fabric. You should do it manually if the end of your thread is too short for an embroidery needle. With the help of your hand, gently pull the thread while gazing at the loopy side of the fabric to check into which loop your thread is tied. Then gently pull the loop to bring the thread end to the backside of your fabric. Cut the thread end at the same height as the rest of the loops. You should carefully push and pull your loops to where they belong. 

6. Give A Finish Touch

After you have completed the embroidery design using the needle punch method, you should cut the extra threads that make it look messy. This will help you to give a neat and clean appearance to your designs. 


This is all about performing the needle punch embroidery by using a step-by-step procedure. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you, and you will easily design your needle punch embroidery. If you face any problem while performing this task, then post a comment and tell us. We will give you the best possible solutions according to your problems. Stay connected with us to get more learning guides like this. 

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q 1: Is Punch Needle Embroidery Easy?

Ans: Punch needle is a creative embroidery technique that both beginners and experienced crafters love and can easily perform as per their needs. Once you learn the basic technique, you can make any type of project, including wall hangings, pillows, and rugs.

Q 2: Is Punch Needle The Same As Embroidery?

Ans: The difference is in the type of needle you use. More traditional embroidery uses a thin needle that's small enough to fit between your thumb and forefinger. However, a punch needle is much larger and features a hollow needle attached to a handle.

Q 3: Can I Wash Punch Needle Embroidery?

Ans:  Yes, you can wash punch needle embroidery to give it a neat and fresh look.