Italian Gold, Saudi Gold, Or Chinese Gold – Which Is Best?

Italian Gold, Saudi Gold, Or Chinese Gold – Which Is Best?

Italian Gold, Saudi Gold, Or Chinese Gold - Which Is Best?


A gold necklace is the ultimate statement piece of men’s jewelry, and you deserve the best chain on the market. But should you opt for an Italian necklace, a Saudi necklace, or a Chinese necklace? Here’s all you need to know.


First Focus On The Karat of the Gold


It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with Italian gold or gold from another country, the first attribute you must look at is the karat. This is the measurement used to analyze the purity of any AU chemical element. The scale goes up to 24ct, meaning a 24k Italian necklace chain is 100% pure.


Contrary to popular opinion, the color and other attributes of pure gold do not change based on location. So, a 24ct gold necklace should be virtually identical (of course, designs may differ) regardless of the origin. 


However, not all gold jewelry is 24k. In fact, 24K gold is quite soft, which is why it is normally mixed with another metal. An 18ct Italian necklace chain, for example, is only 75% pure and 25% of it will be made from another metal. Common examples include magnesium for white gold and copper for rose gold.


So, while pure gold is basically identical all over the world, knowing its origin is important for making the right choice. 


Should You Choose A Saudi, Chinese, Or Italian Gold ?


Asian gold is known for having a very high finesse and will often be 22K (or just a little lower) when used in jewelry. Despite the high karat rating, though, it can be difficult to know what you are buying unless you get it independently checked. This is because the gold is rarely marked. It should also be noted that gold from Asian territories is more commonly associated with coins and jewelry featuring intricate designs.


Italian gold is often the preferred choice


When seeking a simple yet stunning stylish piece, an Italian necklace for men is often the preferred choice. For starters, it will be marked with 22K (or the equivalent figure depending on its karat value), which makes it easy for you to know exactly what you are looking at. Of course, you may still wish to have this verified but it does make things easier when comparing products.


Crucially, all Italian jewelers stick to 18k gold or better. So, while most Asian gold is of high quality, you can be 100% certain that Italian will satisfy your demands. The techniques used to make an Italian necklace chain are superior to other parts of the world too, ensuring a shine and feel that delivers satisfaction for life. 


As well as the quality of Italian gold, which tends to be mixed with robust and durable metals, the unmistakable style of an Italian necklace is another attractive feature. From a thick 7mm chain to a more subtle 2.5mm design, choosing an Italian necklace for men brings sophistication and class. 


While some people will argue that gold is gold, there is a reason why Italian gold is considered the most sought-after. When looking for the best gold jewelry for yourself or a loved one, an Italian necklace is the answer.