Insider Tips for Perfecting Your Henna Brows

Insider Tips for Perfecting Your Henna Brows

Making sure your brows look their best before you start your day can be a daunting task. You need your morning routine to go as smoothly as possible. Spending too much time on your brow routine every single day can disturb your flow.

If tattooed or micro-bladed brows aren’t for you and you’re ready to throw that eyebrow pencil out the window, henna eyebrows may be the right choice for you. Here are a few insider tips for perfecting your henna brows to ensure you’re always camera ready.

Choose the Right Henna

Taking into consideration the type of eyebrow hair you have is the first step in choosing the right henna. Thin eyebrows get the best results with henna, as they’re the least likely to look too dark or overfilled. If you have thick brows, pay close attention to the developing time, as your brows can quickly become too dark.

You should also choose a henna that’s the closest to your hair color. Your hair color already perfectly matches your skin, so it leaves little room for error. For example, you don’t necessarily want pitch-black brows next to light hair or pale skin.

To avoid any of these pitfalls and a possible allergic reaction, remember to always patch-test before trying out a new product.

Dos and Don’ts for DIY

Your tool of choice for sculpting your henna brows is a medium-angled brow brush. This type of brush will ensure you get sharp lines, allowing you to press the color into your brows rather than painting it on in a few swipes.

Don’t use your fingers to correct any mistakes. Instead, turn a cotton swab in one motion to remove the product. With any other technique, you run the risk of stains where you don’t want them.

Maintaining Your New Brows

You want your brows to stay saturated and sharp for as long as possible, so keeping up with maintenance is critical. As a starting point, the best tip is to keep your canvas clean before and after the dyeing process. Oil can disturb the absorption process of henna, so you’ll want to make sure your skin is clean and dry.

As with any temporary modifications, you’ll also want to keep track of your box instructions and research when to reapply. But ultimately, the best way to take care of your henna brows is the same way you take care of your skin.

Henna brows may just be your new noncommittal best friend. Give them a try for yourself or chat with a professional. These insider tips will give you the perfect henna brows.