How Golf Can Help Improve Your Confidence

How Golf Can Help Improve Your Confidence

Meta: Want to boost your self-assurance and learn a cool sport at the same time? Here’s how golf can help improve your confidence. 

How Golf Can Help Improve Your Confidence 

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash 

What comes to mind when you think of improving your confidence? Maybe you think of practicing speeches in front of the mirror or saying affirmations every day about being strong, beautiful, and smart. 

We have a different approach - sport. Yes! Any sport can give you a good dose of confidence but we’re talking more specifically about the most fashionable sport out there… Golf. 

It’s healthy. It’s not as difficult as it looks. It’s fun and a little challenging. And you may be surprised to learn that golf can help improve your confidence too! Here’s why. 

It Helps You Think Creatively 

Golf isn’t just a point-and-shoot type of sport. It requires focus, thought, and precise and decisive action. 

Although mini-golf uses just a putter, the real deal is much more intense! You can’t just hit the ball softly in the general direction of the hole, or you’ll never get anywhere. 

You need to think. Strategize. Decide on what’s the best course of action based on where your ball is and the hazards between you and the hole. And then execute. 

Golf will force you (in a good way) to think strategically and use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

As they say, the brain is a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets! With that, comes a higher level of confidence. 

It Improves Mental Health 

Sometimes, low self-esteem comes as a result of poor mental health. A decline in mental health doesn’t always have to be huge, drastic, and noticeable. Sometimes it’s simply exhaustion and a bleak outlook due to being overworked or overwhelmed. 

There’s plenty of research on the mental health benefits of spending time in nature. On the golf course, you’re surrounded by the most beautiful plants, trees, and sometimes even animals! Nature is right at your fingertips. 

Just spending time on the golf course every week can help to boost mental health, which has a knock-on effect on your confidence. 

It Gets You Fitter 

Maybe your confidence has to do with your body. Perhaps you’re unhappy with it, but you don’t know where to start. Golf is the ideal starting point for getting fitter! 

Walking the course is an excellent cardiovascular exercise (the average golf course is between 4 and 6 kilometers long!). You’ll also get some good muscular activation going with your swing. And you can burn up to 1200 calories in a single round of golf!

If you play regularly enough and dial in your nutrition too, you should notice a positive and confidence-boosting change in your physique! 

You Can Wear Cute Outfits 

Of course, I just had to get this one in here. Golf is undoubtedly the most fashionable sport around. In fact, if you aren’t wearing something cute and eye-catching, you’re probably doing it wrong! 

As long as your outfit falls in line with the rules and regulations for golfing apparel at the course you’re playing, you can really get creative and cute with what you wear. 

Shorts, skirts, or skorts, a pretty collared shirt, golf shoes, a peaked hat, funky sunglasses, and maybe even a neckerchief. Have fun with your outfit, because fashion belongs on the golf course! 

It Can Give You A Business Boost 

Golf is the sport most associated with business! There’s a reason there’s that old cliche of doing business on the golf course… Because that actually is how it happens. 

If a business is where your confidence is most lacking, I highly recommend getting in some golfing lessons on the sly. Nobody needs to know, but you’ll be able to hold your own against your colleagues or clients on the course, which could stand you in good stead when it comes to closing deals. 

If you can play a great round of golf, I can guarantee it will boost your confidence and your reputation in business circles! (especially if you’re a lady). 


The act of golf itself is confident! You can’t play half a shot and expect to improve at the game or get a good score. You need to make your decision and act. Hit the ball with confidence and strength. Practise often. 

If you play often, we venture to say that golf can help improve your confidence drastically. It’s not the easiest game in the world, so if you put the effort into it and improve, it’s something to be very proud of. 

And if you can become a good golfer, you can become anything you set your mind to!