Going Out This Weekend? Party in Style

Going Out This Weekend? Party in Style

Going Out This Weekend? Party in Style

After spending all week working, meeting deadlines, and impressing clients, there is sure to be a lot of tension built up. The weekend is usually devoid of work and we are free to relax and party. Partying deserves to be done in style and we all want to look out best for a night out with friends and loved ones. You don't have to be wealthy to look your best when going partying. With a few tricks, you will look stunning and can party all weekend look in style. Here are some tips to help you party in style:

Casual Look

Not all parties are glamorous events or require you to look like a goddess. A house party for instance will likely be an intimate gathering with a lot of familiar faces. Comfort is the keyword here as anything extra will likely be out of place. Feel free to throw on a pair of jeans with a cute top and voila, you're set for the party. The shoes are the one place you can get a bit creative but a pair of canvas will likely do the trick. Accessories can be kept minimal but that doesn't mean you can't wear cute earrings, or style a designer bag.

The Bar Scene

It's no surprise that most parties feature bars, with alcohol being a common theme in most parties. If you are in your early twenties and of legal drinking age, then some parties will likely see you in bars. Here, things need to take a step up as bar scenes require a little more than something casual, though casual still works. Things will need to be classier even if you are going with a pair of jeans. Accessories get more impressive and shoes are less comfortable. Always pick an outfit that pairs nicely with your shoes, hence, black or white shoes are perfect seeing as they pair well with most outfits.

The Dating Scene

If you are still single or casually dating, then weekends offer up time for relationships. The dating scene is quite different from bar scenes or house parties, as things get a lot classier. Here, you arent just trying to look good, but you also want to be desirable to your significant other. Jeans may still serve you well here, but, skirts are a better option, and the tops and shoes get more high-end. Accessories are usually classier and fashion stylings like jackets and scarves play a key role here. The goal is to look and feel desirable, all while being comfortable in your skin. Tricky, yes, but nothing a few outfit trials can’t work out.   


When you think semi-formal, think prom. High-end parties are where the semi-formal parties come into play, and in college, those come along once in a while. It is often a magical night and your fashion choice may have a role to play. Jeans and cute skirts can’t serve you here, with short gowns being the more common choice in this scenario. Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a cute pair of heels that complement our dress. There is going to be space around your neckline and it shouldn't be left bare. A necklace will serve you well, completing the outfit whilst screaming beauty, all night long. 


Formal parties are common at all stages of life but mostly common amongst working-class people. Whether it is an end-of-the-year award show, or a dinner to honor someone, formal parties call for something unique. Long dresses are the order of the day here but the style of the dress is open to interpretation. Thigh-high slits or plain gowns will all serve especially when paired with a designer shoe. Accessories also get high-end for formal parties, with necklaces, earrings, and rings all featuring something special. If you own expensive jewelry, now might be the right time to break it out. 

If you don't have something you want to wear out during the weekend, you can always find something party-worthy online. The internet has made dress shopping easier and there are a lot of dresses found in online stories to fit any occasion. 


The weekend may be the only time you have to party in style, so you may want to do it right. By knowing what kind of dresses are suitable for different types of occasions, you will always look appropriate.