Do You Need Physiotherapy Or Massage?

Do You Need Physiotherapy Or Massage?

Do You Need Physiotherapy Or Massage?

If you have thought about whether you should visit a physiotherapist or a masseuse, you are not alone. Many ask this question, as both options have a lot of benefits, and they are completely different experiences. While in some situations you should definitely pick one over another in some situations, sometimes the best thing to do is to pick both, as they complement one another more than one might expect.

What is the purpose behind each service?

When it comes to physiotherapy, the main idea behind it is to rehabilitate the muscle and joint function. On the other hand, massages are intended to relax muscles and thus remove the pain and spasms that a person might be experiencing.

Usually, you would have to go to two different places in order to experience either physiotherapy or to get a massage, but since people realized that the combination of two actually stimulates the effect of each other, places like Infinity Allied Healthcare offer both kinds of services to their patients. Unwind and rejuvenate with a relaxing massage at a reputable Burwood massage therapist.

What can you expect from physiotherapy?

In most cases, these services are related to retirement residences and child development centers, but lately, the need for physiotherapists has increased, as they are needed in home care services and private clinics. It is also common for a person to get physiotherapy at the hospital if they went through surgery, as it shows as an efficient treatment for surgeries such as hip replacement or heart surgery.

There are various programs that one might get help with from a physiotherapist. Exercise programs are the most popular ones, as they help a person regain their strength, range of motion, as well as function. For those who need help with pain, joint manipulation and mobilization exercises are also guided by the physiotherapist.

Breathing difficulties can also be managed with physiotherapy, as airway clearance methods have become a more common practice. While physiotherapy cannot cure arthritis and multiple sclerosis, certain exercises are great forms of treatment that help the patient perform their daily routine.

Physiotherapy in North Edmonton is a great option for preventive measures as well because it provides practical exercises and information on how to stay injury-free.


Physiotherapy helps the patient regain movement in joints and muscles

What can you expect from massage therapy?

Under the term, massage therapy fall various techniques that involve hands-on treatment which manipulates soft tissue in the body. Muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, and connective tissue can all be manipulated with correct massage techniques.

There are various benefits of getting a massage, such as alleviating pain in chronic conditions, elimination of muscle and joint pain which is caused by intense workouts or stress, reduction of anxiety and depression by increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the patient’s body, and maybe to just relax muscles for less discomfort.

Depending on the type of massage, it is also possible to help the patient improve their sleep, relieve them of headaches, and improve their circulation movement. You can find other reasons to get a massage at along with other useful information.


Massage has various benefits, from physical to mental ones

How do physiotherapy and massage compensate each other?

When one of our muscles is damaged in an accident, it causes pain in response to that injury. Blood flow in that area also reduces, and for a muscle to recover, it requires constant blood flow. While physiotherapy can help remove stress and improve the movement of the muscles, It often does not increase the blood flow to the muscle, which is where the massage comes in.

A sports massage, Swedish massage, or deep tissue massage will allow the blood to flow through the muscle constantly. This will increase the level of nutrition that the muscle is gaining, and thus the recovery speed is going to be much faster.

By combining physiotherapy and a massage, not only that different types of pain are relieved, but it also increases the functional capacity of muscles via biomechanical loading. There are also other effects that one can expect when these two services are combined.

It serves as a comprehensive medical treatment, which is great for chronic conditions such as it reduces the severity of the symptoms involved in them. Boosting the range of motion is another thing that physiotherapy combined with a massage can provide. Of course, the massage you receive to achieve this might be milder than what you would expect.

Even if you are an utterly healthy person, your general health will improve significantly by combining both of these services. This is because the nutritional flow is regulated, and lymph fluid circulation is improved. You will experience minor swelling, even after hard days of work, and you will undoubtedly be able to sleep better and refresh faster for the next day.

Final word

While combining physiotherapy and a massage might take more out of your week than you would like, it is undoubtedly worth it. The preventive sides of both services combined will put you in a better mood and health, allowing you to take on daily challenges that come at you with ease.