Cannabis edibles: The New way to enjoy your herb

Cannabis edibles: The New way to enjoy your herb

Cannabis edibles: The New way to enjoy your herb 

Edibles are cannabis-infused products that you can eat and drink. These started traditionally as baked goods that had the nickname “space brownies”, “space muffins” and “space cookies”. This nickname was inspired by the extra intense high induced by edibles that would send consumers on what felt like a trip into space. Besides the intense and potent effects of edibles, you can also enjoy a much longer high when consuming this way and edibles are beginner-friendly as well which makes them great for first-time cannabis consumers. All of these reasons are why cannabis consumers love them and in the US alone, sales of cannabis edibles reached roughly $3.6 billion in 2021. This demonstrates the power of this market, and if you’re interested to learn more about this popular consumption method, keep reading as we highlight everything you need to know. 

The effects last longer

Edibles are known for their super long-lasting effects and this is due to the way they are processed. Edibles are consumed orally and get absorbed into the body via the digestive system and liver. This takes anywhere from 60 minutes- to 2 hours to complete and once it’s done, you can expect super intense and potent effects that can last upward of 12-24 hours long. This is important to understand, especially as someone wanting to try edibles for the first time because you have to plan a time and place for consumption very well, especially if your edibles are THC-based. You also need to prepare yourself for the effects and understand how to consume the right way to avoid overconsumption which will result in an unpleasant and lengthy trip. Compared to inhaling cannabis, edibles are more potent, easy to use, delicious, safe, and healthy. 

Variety of edible products 

Cannabis edibles have grown and now there are a wide variety of edible products on the market. There is a job within the cannabis industry known as an ‘edibles chef’ and these chefs are responsible for creating new ways to consume cannabis as well as perfecting the amount of cannabis suitable for each edible product. New products are constantly being developed and released and there are dedicated efforts within the industry to constantly come up with new and unique ways to infuse cannabis into edible products. Some of the most popular edibles on the market currently include gummies, brownies, cakes, chocolates, and a variety of cannabis-infused beverages such as tea, water, juice, and alcohol-based beverages, and many of these are available for purchase at Canna Cabana. Consuming edibles are a great way to consume them because they offer discretion which is something most beginners prefer. 


As we’ve mentioned, the discretion of edibles contributes toward them being beginner-friendly and enables new cannabis consumers to enjoy consuming without attracting attention. Edibles are also portable and there are a variety of edibles including THC-based edibles for recreational use and CBD-infused edibles for those who want the medical benefits without the mind-altering effects. As a beginner, you mustn’t overconsume no matter how delicious these products are. Edibles are potent and it is recommended that you begin with small doses and then gradually increase with time. 

Doesn’t affect the lungs

Probably one of the greatest benefits of edibles is that there is no combustion required with consumption which makes them much healthier and safer than methods of consumption that produce smoke and vapor. This is important to know if you want to consume more consciously because combustion can lead to the development of serious health risks such as lung cancer.  

More health benefits 

For those wanting to consume edibles for their health benefits more than just for recreation and fun, you’ll be pleased to know that edibles have a variety of health benefits including pain relief, anxiety and stress relief, improved sleep quality, and an overall happier mood. Cannabis has a naturally calming and relaxing effect when consumed which helps fight anxiety and stress. This plant also helps restore broken sleep cycles by stimulating melanin production which is important for healthy sleep. Additionally, cannabis stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine which is a mood enhancers, making this a great product to improve general wellbeing.