Can Smoking Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

Can Smoking Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

Can Smoking Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

How does weed help you lose weight when all you want to do after smoking is eat? Could this be some kind of paradoxical effect? When the total opposite happens to what we expect! 

Researchers are at the top of their game, trying to connect the dots between marijuana and weight loss. Studies show the difference between a cannabis connoisseur and a non-smoker's body mass index (BMI).

On the flip side of smoking marijuana for weight loss, did you know that eating weed seeds helps maintain weight too? That's right! 

You know those tiny little wonders you usually cultivate to provide tasty buds? Get yourself some, grow a few and munch the other half.

While various studies are at work to have this receive a real stamp of approval, here are some factors that influence the theory in the meantime.

How Does Smoking Cannabis Affect Weight?

It's as if our bodies were designed to work with the cannabinoids found in marijuana. Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) reacts to the phytocannabinoids of weed. Isn't that amazing? What further proof do we need that weed was created for human consumption?

But does weed help with weight loss, and if so, how? Let's juggle some facts to figure out how this all works without becoming all sciency. Surely binge eating makes you pick up weight. Not when this increased appetite is sparked after consuming cannabis.

According to various research modules, marijuana users present a much lower BMI than those who don't consume it at all.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana stimulates our natural ECS. It interacts with receptors in our brain that regulate emotions, pain, and our sensory responses. It also releases hormones that stimulate hunger, which is where the onset of the munchies originates from.

Our ECS consists of CB1, CB2, and cannabinoid receptors. The human body naturally produces endocannabinoids, while marijuana plants produce phytocannabinoids. The cannabinoids in weed that our body responds to are THC, THCV, and CBD.

You're probably a bit unfamiliar with tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). The non-psychoactive sibling of THC. In the "weed weight loss world," it's also known as "the skinny cannabinoid." Well known for regulating blood sugar levels and its effective appetite suppressant capabilities.

Cannabinoids from weed plants connect with our natural ECS to activate vital biological systems like metabolism. THC is the leading cannabinoid that directly binds with CB1 receptors to regulate imbalances and promote weight loss. So does smoking weed make you skinny?

It may not be the entire reason for weight loss, but it contributes to the theory since many studies prove rightfully so. Marijuana smokers also tend to have smaller waistlines. 

Let's have a look at what some studies suggest.

  • A study conducted in 2011 proves that none cannabis users are more susceptible to obesity. People who smoke at least three times aren't at risk of excessive weight gain.
  • A 2013 study provided feedback on marijuana consumers with improved insulin control and slimmer waists.
  • 2018 studies show that cannabis effectively increases metabolism resulting in lower BMIs. Note that this happens even with the increased intake of calories stemming from binge eating.
  • A 2019 investigation shows how consumers kept a lower BMI over three years than non-users of weed.
  • A 2021 clinical trial with 100 participants concluded 90 days with successful weight loss.

How else can marijuana help you lose weight? Ever heard of eating the seeds to keep your weight under wraps? Besides being known as the "most nutritionally complete food source in the world," it provides significant weight loss benefits.

Marijuana seeds don't contain active cannabinoids, so it's THC, THCV, and CBD-free. It possesses a lot of vitamins and minerals and ample omega acids and proteins. Any supplement rich in omega–3 and 6 fatty acids is great for cutting down body fat.

Add weed seeds to your diet to assist with weight management. The plant-based proteins in the seeds keep you fuller for longer, reducing the time between large meals. 

Factors Influencing Marijuana for Weight Loss

It's understood that other factors work in conjunction with cannabis to encourage weight loss. Marijuana doesn't take all the credit for this benefit, but it certainly stands on the front line of it all. So why does weed make you skinnier as a smoker compared to a non-user?

  • Increased mobility: Cannabis sativa keeps you active and moving throughout a smoking session. When used before a workout, your performance levels are enhanced, allowing you to double up on that cardio.


  • Reduced intake of alcoholic beverages: Smoking weed usually discourages the consumption of alcohol that's high in calories.


  • Lowered stress levels: People who are stressed out generally seek comfort food. Apart from eating unhealthy food, being stressed naturally increases the rate of new fat cell formation.


  • Improved sleeping patterns: Stress and pain are two main causes of disruptive sleep. Consuming certain strains of cannabis induces sleep which allows for a more restful slumber. Being deprived of sleep slows the metabolism.


  • Increased metabolism: This is the one we want to know about. Supercharged metabolism explains why devouring everything in your path when high doesn't make you gain weight. Faster digestion leads to the rapid burning of calories.

Marijuana For Weight Loss—Yay or Nay?

Allow researchers to continue with their findings to prove the efficacy cannabis has on weight loss. You can safely say smoking weed does help with weight management to some extent.

Our endocannabinoids interact with marijuana's phytocannabinoids to influence our body's responses to weight loss tactics.

Based on various factors, smoking weed doesn't directly cap weight loss. Coupled with other benefactors, it significantly helps you maintain a lower BMI.

Does weed help you lose weight? That's a definite yay! So what are you waiting for? It's time to double up on those cannabis seeds. Some for growing and the rest for snacking on. 

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field. As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing, as well as cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances.