8 Beauty Winter Activities You Can Try This Winter

8 Beauty Winter Activities You Can Try This Winter

8 Beauty Winter Activities You Can Try This Winter 

Winter isn’t always a time of joy for people. While Christmas and the holidays can bring people together, the weather isn’t something that everyone welcomes. 

The cold can play havoc with certain medical ailments, and it can be downright annoying when all you want to do is dress up and look your best. Chapped lips, frizzy hair, and dry skin are all part of the bad parts of the winter period.

According to Current Results, the lowest temperature ever recorded in the US was -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, most of the country isn’t affected any near to this level of cold. However, there are still many adverse effects winter can bring.

You may then like to know a few activities you can carry out in winter to keep yourself feeling, well, like yourself.

What beauty areas should you concentrate on during the winter period?

Hydration is a major problem during this time of the year. And you will see this touched on below when it comes to skin regimens. Diet can play a part in how you feel as this tends to change as the weather goes from hot to cold over the preceding months.

Also, mental wellness comes into play as well. The winter period can feel like the worst time of the year for some, so there are some suggestions for avoiding this and feeling a general boost. 

Below are just a few winter activities to boost how you feel about yourself, and how you look. 

Get a spray tan

You can, of course, do this at home yourself. There are many good products just waiting to be bought online or from stores that promise great fake tan results. However, having a professional technician perform a spray tan session should bring much greater satisfaction.

A word of warning though. Before going for a spray tan, there are a few details to be aware of. You should definitely practice exfoliating (more on this below), and this should be done at least a day ahead of the spray tan. Do not do it any closer than 24 hours from the spraying session. 

Likewise, do not wax or shave. Shaving before getting a spray tan can leave you with streaks. This is due to a residue that can be left on the skin before the spray tan happens.

For the best results consult your local spray tan technician for full advice on your preparation.

Change your skin routine

There are many ways to look your best in winter, and one of them is to take care of your skin as best as possible. 

How you care for your skin during the winter should not necessarily be the same as in the colder months of the year. Just as exfoliating was mentioned above for spray tans, so to is it important for other times.

Use gentle exfoliants, and try to ensure you only have ones with lactic, salicylic, or glycolic acid. These are excellent for your skin and help to remove dead skin while new skin generates.

Change your wardrobe

One way to make yourself occupied during cold days is to have a good look at your wardrobe. There are ways to transition your wardrobe through to winter and keep yourself looking your best while dealing with the cold weather. 

Look after your hair

You may find that your hair develops a whole new level of frizz during the winter months. This is dreaded by many and can be hard to control. Protein-rich hair masks can be one way to deal with this problem.

Otherwise, you have few other choices. Either embrace your newfound curls, hide them under a hat, or start putting your hair up. 

Get active

According to a report from Boston University, there are around 10 million Americans who are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. While this might not sound immediately like a beauty tip, getting active is going to be very beneficial during the winter. 

For anyone suffering from SAD, changing the diet, being social, or exercising can help. But these areas and activities are good for anyone.

Getting yourself more active during winter will help go through those long dark hours, and you’ll get fitter. The knock-on effect of this is that you will feel better and you will tone up your body. Seeing as the winter is the time when people tend to overeat and drink, getting active is a great beauty activity.

Look after those lips

Lips hate the cold weather. Just as the summer can make them tender, the winter can make them crack and dry out. Find good lip masks and balms that moisturize, and protect against the weather. 

Get more sleep

It is a known fact that the majority of people don’t get enough sleep. There is also a reason why people mention the phrase, beauty sleep. People need a certain amount of sleep to function at their most effective, and to look their best.

The winter months aren’t always the best time for going out, so why not make use of that to enjoy the comforts of your home more, and do a little hibernating? An extra bit of time in bed might make a world of difference. 

Look after your hands

It isn’t just your lips that are getting beaten by the winter weather. Hands can also suffer from cracking and dry skin. You may notice that you are washing your hands in colder water than normal due to the weather outside. Or if you have a winter cold, you may just be washing your hands more often than normal. 

Keep them moisturized, and use hand cream to get them through the winter months.


This may have made winter sound like it is a truly miserable time, but it’s also a great period for meeting up with family, hanging out with friends, and sometimes starting new romances.

The problem with the cold is that your body needs a little extra care and attention. Listen to it, and treat it well and winter won’t seem so bad.