6 Tips For A Better Nightlife Experience

6 Tips For A Better Nightlife Experience

6 Tips For A Better Nightlife Experience

No matter which city you visit, it’s important to have a taste of the nightlife there. You can either go clubbing, drink, or simply take a night tour in the city. Australia, the land down under, is rich in clubs and discos.

Did you know that the nightlife in Australia is estimated to be nearly $669 million? If you’re visiting Australia for the first time and wish to know what to do during the night, our guide is here to help you out!

  1. Take a night tour

Take a nighttime tour of Canberra to see what the city is actually like when the sunsets. Canberra offers a huge range of night tours at varying prices, so you can always book a tour that suits your budget. Based on your interests, too, you can book either a spooky ghost tour or a wildlife safari tour at night!

For example, Tim the Yowie Man manages the Weird Canberra Ghost and History tour. In this fascinating experience, you’ll get to see sites where crimes have taken place and places that are said to be haunted.

  1. Go for a night out

Are you a lover of astronomy? Then why not gaze at the night sky using a telescope? Experience the vastness of the sky and stars in the Scope by Night evening held at the local observatory scope at Mount Stromlo. You can look at hundreds of stars and other heavenly bodies using a telescope.

Moreover, you can also have conversations with the members of the Canberra Astronomical Society. Finally, to make sure guests have an amazing experience, the organization also prepared a mouthwatering buffet after the stargazing session!

  1. Experience the culture

Australia’s capital city has a host of different cultural events to show its visitors how diverse the continent is. These events are held throughout the year, so you can check out some functions or the other no matter when you visit Canberra.

For example, there are many theater events, film festivals, live music, concerts, and art exhibitions held at many places for tourists. Even if you’re a local resident, you can pre-book your tickets to any of these events and have a grand time attending them!

  1. Go to the Mint Garden Bar

If you love the summers, the Mint Garden Bar in Braddon should be on your list. The local Canberra folk gather in this lovely spot where you can see climbing vines and beautiful flower pots. This bar is open only during the warmer seasons and has a Turkish-themed bar front with ladies and gentlemen sporting bow ties.

It is located outside the dining restaurant named Sage in the Gorman House Arts Center. This entire building is extremely beautiful and has open-air courtyards where you can enjoy the cool breeze. A very popular dish here is the pulled pork croquette, so try it out!

  1. Visit the Parlor Wine Room

If you’re looking for some drinks in a huge space, you must go to the Parlour Wine Room. Located in the New Action precinct, this bar has been there for ages and was redesigned after a fire had broken out many years back.

The lavish interior decoration will make your jaw drop, and the entire experience in this wine bar is said to be unforgettable. There are quilted leathers in the bar area, with velvet chairs and comfy couches. You can even see a breathtaking view of the New Action area and beyond from the open terrace.

  1. Try out special services

If you’re going to Canberra alone on a business trip or celebrating a bachelor party, this city can offer you some lovely special escort services to add some fun to the night!

Canberra escorts are said to be one the finest in the world, and there are many websites from which you can choose some beautiful women. These services are legal and safe, so you can book yours without hassle. First, however, ensure the agency from where you book your escort is certified.

Over to you…

Canberra can offer you an unforgettable nightlife experience simply because there are innumerable things to do here! No matter what your age is or how you like to spend your time outdoors at night, there is something here for everyone. These seven activities will make sure you have a blast and take full advantage of the city’s nightlife tourist spots.