6 Great Jobs for People With Wanderlust

6 Great Jobs for People With Wanderlust

6 Great Jobs for People With Wanderlust

If you have an overwhelming desire to travel as much as possible, you're probably familiar with the term "wanderlust." Unfortunately, most people only get so much vacation time per year, but what if you could travel full time? In today's world, there are many opportunities that allow you to hit the road while making money. If you love being on the move, here are six great jobs for those addicted to travel.

  1. Flight Attendant

For people that really like to be on the move, a flight attendant position is extremely rewarding. Not only do you get to fly to incredible domestic and international destinations, but you're also able to fly for free or at discounted prices on your time off. Besides the outstanding travel perks, you'll make good money and be eligible for health insurance and other benefits. You also get free hotel rooms while you're working so pack your bags for this wonderful career!

  1. Traveling Nurse

Another job that allows you to see the world is nursing. Nurses are in high demand all over the country and you'll provide professional services where you're needed the most. As a traveling nurse, you'll have a flexible schedule, meet new people and be well-paid. Nurses are also needed all over the world and if you meet the additional criteria, you can travel almost anywhere. Plus, with lightweight uniforms, scrub jackets and apparel, packing on a moment's notice is a snap.

  1. Travel Blogger or Vlogger

Many people that consider working from another country decide to become bloggers or vloggers. While this is an excellent way to see the world, it's incredibly hard work. Besides a rigorous travel schedule, you must tote along your computer, camera and drone, and be at the mercy of a Wi-Fi signal. Bloggers must be dedicated to editing and constantly posting new content on blogs and social media. If this busy lifestyle sounds right for you, it can be fun and lucrative.

  1. Web Designer

If you're artistic and good with computers, you might consider becoming a web designer. Web designing is a job you can do from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world where you have a laptop and an internet connection. Web designing allows you to be as creative as you like and be well-compensated for it. There will always be companies that need websites to improve their business and that's good news for you.

  1. Teaching English As a Second Language

People all over the world learn English and this could be a perfect job for you. If you've ever dreamt of teaching English as a second language, enroll in a TEFL course and earn a certificate. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and once you earn your certificate, you can teach English. While some companies require that you have a college degree, others do not. As long as you speak English fluently, you can apply for jobs in Asia, China, Mexico, Central America and Europe.

  1. Freelance Worker

If traveling the world is something you've always wanted to do, but you don't fall into any of these categories, don't despair. There are still many freelance jobs that you can do remotely that will allow you to travel. For example, if you have office experience, think about becoming a virtual assistant or a customer service rep. Other jobs include computer coding, software development, copywriting, editing and translating.


If traveling is the most important thing in the world for you, don't wait until your two weeks vacation. Jobs like flight attendants, web designers and teaching English allow you to see the world while making a decent living.