6 Easy Ways To Maintain a Youthful Appearance

6 Easy Ways To Maintain a Youthful Appearance

6 Easy Ways To Maintain a Youthful Appearance

One of the hardest parts of getting older is the changes in your appearance. While some people accept aging gracefully, others truly desire a more youthful appearance. However, not everyone can afford expensive treatments or surgery, but there's still good news. The most fundamental ways you can achieve a younger look can happen right at home. Here are six easy ways to maintain a youthful appearance starting right now.

  1. Heed Warnings About the Sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is huge when it comes to reversing the signs of aging. Approximately 90% of skin damage is due to sun exposure, so be sure to slather on a quality sunscreen every day whether it's sunny or not. Dangerous rays can still sneak through the clouds on overcast days. Wearing sunblock will also allow the damaged skin to regenerate and repair itself, and you'll be thrilled with the results. 

  1. Improve Your Diet

They say you are what you eat and if you're eating a poor diet, it'll be written all over your face. Diets that are full of fat, sodium and sugar are horrible for your skin and make your complexion look sallow. Improving your diet to include vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables can clear your skin and take years off your appearance. To boost your nutrition even more, consider taking a vitamin supplement or a convenient collagen protein powder for younger-looking skin, hair, nails and healthy bones. 

  1. Don't Skimp on Sleep

One of the easiest ways to bring about a youthful appearance is to not skimp on sleep. When you're not getting enough slumber, you're robbing your skin of the rest it desperately needs to rejuvenate. Instead, you end up with baggy eyes, dark circles and dull skin that everyone notices. By getting at least 7-9 hours of "beauty sleep" per night, you're allowing skin cells to regenerate, and the extra rest will automatically make you look younger. 

  1. Stay Adequately Hydrated

It's curious how some people will spend hundreds of dollars on skincare products when water can make you look younger for free. Drinking enough water every day will refresh your appearance by hydrating your skin and keeping it supple. You don't need to spend money on bottled water either, but if your tap water doesn't taste right, you can purchase a water purifier for just a few dollars. Aim for at least eight cups of water per day, or more if you're active.

  1. Start an Exercise Routine

No one will dispute the health benefits of an exercise routine, but did you know that it will help you look younger, too? A good workout increases blood flow all over the body, which is why you look particularly glowing after exercise. Regular fitness sessions also improve your flexibility, which prevents injuries, aches and pains, making you feel as young as you look. In the long term, exercise helps you build muscle and improve your posture, contributing to an overall youthful appearance.

  1. Nix the Caffeine

Millions of people indulge in caffeinated beverages every day, but they could be making you look older. Caffeine is what's known as a diuretic, which increases urination throughout the day and leads to dehydration. This causes your skin to be dryer, more inflamed and look older. While coffee does contain antioxidants, overdoing it isn't good for you either. If you can't kick the caffeine habit completely, limiting the amount you consume will still provide excellent benefits.

Final Thoughts

Looking years younger doesn't have to be an expensive or complicated ordeal. By getting enough shut-eye, improving your nutrition and limiting sun exposure, you'll see your youthful glow shine through.