5 Things to do on your vacations in Mykonos

5 Things to do on your vacations in Mykonos

5 Things to do on your vacations in Mykonos

Summer is approaching fast, and everyone’s looking to make their travel plans. While you’re exploring options for the holidays, you can’t overlook the experience that Mykonos will offer. The island is known for its ambiance and lively atmosphere. If you’ve never been to Greece, Mykonos is the place to start. You’ll have the chance to experience every miracle, from the breathtaking views and the history behind the landscapes to the exquisite cuisines. Before you book your ticket, check out holiday homes and apartments in Mykonos. With a luxury villa, you’ll feel right at home as you discover the island. We’ve listed down five things you must do on your visit. 

  • Begin with a stroll through Chora

The main town in Mykonos is known as Chora, and it offers plenty of exciting distractions. The town is rather majestic in its layout, with whitewashed buildings and the seashore creating beautiful scenery. At sunset, you can climb the uniquely built balconies at Little Venice and let the views inspire you. There are dozens of local bars, as well as restaurants where you may savor the local cuisine

  • Traverse the landmarks in Chora

While you’re in Chora, you can’t leave without visiting two of the most famous landmarks, the Windmills and the Cycladic Paraportiani Church. The Windmills were used in the 16th century to grind grain, but today they sit stationary as a memoir of innovation. They’re regarded as open-air museums and attract tourists visiting the island. The Cycladic Paraportiani Church is one of the most widely recognized churches in the region, and bear in mind that Mykonos boasts a lot of churches. This building is a cluster of five churches built together. If you catch the structure at sunset, you can watch the colors of the changing horizon reflected on the surface of the church. It is a breathtaking sight indeed. 

  • Wade in the waters at the numerous beaches

What’s a visit to Greece without an evening near the water, soaking in the warmth of the sandy beaches? The beaches in Mykonos are unlike any other. They promise golden stretches of sand and the chance to book your sunbeds in advance. Paradise and Super Paradise Beach are quite popular among tourists. If you’re looking to enjoy the party scene at Mykonos, these two beaches will be the perfect location to do so. 

  • Relax at a boutique hotel

What’s a vacation without a day dedicated to pampering yourself? The boutique hotels and villas at Mykonos will offer you just that. Mykonos Grand Resort, Cavo Tagoo, and Kensho are some of the best ones. So book your suite and treat yourself to the top-notch facilities.

  • Sail off to Rhenia and Delos

No trip to Greece is complete without a bit of sailing. The boat excursions will lead you to historical landmarks and provide you with the experience of a lifetime. You may also opt for a luxury cruise that allows you to go swimming and snorkeling. 

The trip of a lifetime 

Your venture into Mykonos will guarantee memorable moments. With the right kind of accommodation and this guide to help you pick the best activities, you’ll be making the most of your time. So go ahead and book your ticket today!