5 Things To Do for Your Growing Etsy Business

5 Things To Do for Your Growing Etsy Business

5 Things To Do for Your Growing Etsy Business

Do you want to make your Etsy shop your full-time business? If so, you need to do the following things as your shop starts to grow so that you don't lose momentum.

1. Develop a Marketing Plan

One of the first things to do for your growing Etsy business is to create a marketing plan. That way, you can keep the growth going by bringing in new and returning customers. While Etsy can help market your shop, you have to do some work as well. You can't always rely on Etsy to bring in the right customers for you.

Doing your own marketing can help make sure you keep a steady flow of orders to also keep getting paid. You can market yourself online on social media or set up a website. Then, you can direct people to your Etsy shop to buy the items they want.

2. Start Tracking Inventory

When you start a new Etsy shop, you may not have that much inventory. However, you'll eventually need to set up an inventory tracking system. That way, you can keep an eye on how many items you have in stock and when you need to make more.

You can also use the system to learn which products sell the fastest and which tend to sit for a while. That can help you determine what to focus on producing in the future. And you can keep from wasting your time on products that won't make you money.

3. Invest in a Storage Unit

If your inventory is starting to take over your home, you have a couple of options. First, you can invest in a storage unit to keep inventory that won't fit in your house. This is a good option if you have a lot of inventory on hand, but you'll need to go to the unit often to ship out orders.

However, you can dedicate an extra bedroom as a storage room. That way, you'll have easy access to inventory when you get orders. But you won't have to deal with inventory laying all over your bedroom or living room.

4. Consider Quitting Your Job

If you currently work a day job and run your Etsy business on the side, it's time to think about taking your business full-time. As your shop grows, you may get more orders, so you might need to spend more time processing items and producing new listings.

Sure, you can do some of that after work and on the weekends. But you may end up sacrificing a lot of your downtime or time with your family. Consider saving up some money as an emergency fund, and leave your job to focus on Etsy. Then, you can take on more orders while also having more free time.

5. Think About Hiring Help

Even if you quit your day job, you may still find you're too busy to handle your growing Etsy shop. At that point, you should look into hiring someone to help. You can hire for a lot of roles depending on the tasks you don't like doing. And you can hire one person or more depending on your needs.

For one, you can hire a customer service rep to handle your messages for you. Or you might hire someone to package and ship orders. Depending on what you make, you may be able to hire someone who can handle making products since Etsy allows team members to produce items.

Final Thoughts

Starting an Etsy shop is easy, but growing it takes a lot of work. Consider these tips to help run your shop as you start getting more and more orders.