5 Reasons Stone Worktops Make the Best Bar Tops

5 Reasons Stone Worktops Make the Best Bar Tops

Bars are the perfect place to showcase your brand and offer your guests an unforgettable experience. From craft cocktails and happy hours to ladies’ nights and karaoke, bars create the ideal and most popular hangout spots for social drinkers. The bar is also one of the most profitable areas in a restaurant. With this in mind, there are many things you can do to improve the standards of your bar and take it from good to great. An innovative bar top will not only set your bar apart from others but also help you increase your sales by improving the overall experience for customers. With so many options available, choosing the right type of countertop can be challenging. Here are three benefits you get from using granite as a bar top.

Aesthetic Appeal

As the first thing customers see when they walk into a bar, the aesthetic appeal of your bar top will significantly influence the customer experience. From laminate to granite, Corian, marble, wood, onyx, quartz, and slate, there are many options when it comes to what material you want to use to create your bar top. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, giving it the ability to fit any design and style. For example, if you want your bar to stand out, then stone bar tops are the way to go and the ideal type of bar top for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to change up your bar more frequently to stay on trend, rather than be timeless, wood or solid surface options like Corian might be more up your alley.

An Effective Marketing Tool

When choosing a bar top, it’s crucial to think about how it will work as a marketing tool. You want to select a material for use as a bar top that is a very flexible and versatile product. It would help if you also were looking at something that is highly customizable and can be used in many different ways to promote your brand and drive sales. You can engrave the surface, design textures, or paint the surface to make it stand out. You could also use it to feature your menu items or drink specials. This is a great way to engage customers and inform them of special offers. The possibilities are endless. Granite is very durable, making it perfect for these types of decorations. It will stand the test of time, giving your bar top a long and successful lifespan.

A Great Atmosphere for Customer Engagement

Engaging your customers at the bar can be a challenge, but you can create a more engaging atmosphere at the bar with something like a stone top bar. Stone materials like granite, onyx, quartz, and slate are very easy-to-clean materials, making them ideal for a busy bar environment. In addition, they are stain-resistant, meaning it is easy to clean, even when food or drinks are spilled on them. This will save you time and money while keeping your bar clean and sanitary at all times. The acoustic properties of stone also increase the likelihood that your customers will engage with each other and create a fun social atmosphere. Depending on what material you use, you might want to consider adding acoustic panels to the walls and ceiling of your bar to reduce the noise levels.

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Convenient for Cleaning and Food Safety

Cleaning your bar top on a daily basis is one of the most important aspects of owning a bar. Stone is very easy to clean, making it a suitable material for a bar top. Along with being stain-resistant, meaning it is resistant to most food and drink stains, particularly liquids such as wine, coffee, and juices, stone bartops are not porous depending on what material you choose. This will keep beverages from seeping into your bar top and making it a hotbed for germs. Non-porous materials are very hygienic and easy to sanitize. You can quickly and easily clean your bar top using bleach or other common sanitizing agents. The best way to clean your bar top would be with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild cleanser. Avoid using strong chemicals, as they might damage the worktop’s surface and make it more susceptible to stains. Cleaning your bar top is essential for food safety. 

Durable Material that Lasts a Long Time

Another great benefit of stone is that it is a durable material that can last a long time, even with heavy use. If you want your bar top to last for many years, then granite is the best material. Granite is very durable, and it is resistant to cracking and chipping, making it perfect for a commercial setting where it will be used daily. Granite is one of the most expensive materials you can use for a bar top, but it is definitely worth the investment and cheaper than other types of stone such as onyx or quartz. Granite is a long-lasting material that will last for years to come. It is also straightforward to clean and maintain, making it a convenient and practical material to use.


Bars are excellent venues to express your brand and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. Bars are popular hangout spots for social drinkers, with craft cocktails, ladies' nights, and karaoke among the most popular. A restaurant’s bar is one of the most lucrative spots. You can increase the quality of your bar by doing a variety of things. An innovative bar top will set your bar apart from others and help you boost sales by improving customer satisfaction. Choosing the correct type of countertop can be challenging with so many choices available, but hopefully, this guide was able to help.