5 Beautiful Instagram Feed Ideas Your Followers Will Love

5 Beautiful Instagram Feed Ideas Your Followers Will Love

5 Beautiful Instagram Feed Ideas Your Followers Will Love

Photography isn't just a fun hobby. It's also a useful one and can come in handy when you're trying to boost your personal or professional social media presence.

As always, Instagram is the go-to social media platform for all things photography. Today, we're going to look at photo editing choices that you can make that will help you to create an aesthetic Instagram feed.

So, what are some beautiful Instagram feed ideas that you can try out in 2022? 

Read on to get inspired with five ideas for your Instagram feed that your followers will love.

1. The Vintage Feed

We're all gaga for nostalgia which is one reason why a vintage-style Instagram feed is always a great idea. Incorporate vintage aesthetics into your photos by selecting vintage outfits, backdrops, and props for your photoshoots. Then, take it a step further by using the same filter on all of your photos--we recommend one that adds a warmth and slight fuzziness to your images.

2. The Minimalist Feed

Minimalism allows you to focus on a single subject in each photo, rather than getting visually overwhelmed. A minimalist feed is ideal for art photographers as well as businesses aiming to sell products. To create a minimalist feed, make sure that each photo features a good amount of "blank" space, incorporates only a few colors, and that the subject is always positioned using the rule of thirds.

3. The Maximalist Feed

Is minimalism absolutely not your style? Why not go for the opposite by creating a maximalist feed? Maximalism is all about tons of color and texture, so every photo you take should be filled to the brim with things to look at.

4. The Color Block Feed

Similar to the minimalist feed, you can also go for the color block feed. Color blocking is all about using vibrant, bold colors that contrast well together--think red and yellow or purple and green. The best part about a color block feed is that a lot of it can be achieved with a simple editing skill.

All you need is this background remover app to get started. Remove the background surrounding the subject of your photo and replace it with one to three solid colors in geometric patterns and you've got yourself color block content.

5. The Black and White Feed

This one is simple and you can achieve it behind the lens or with editing software. Create uniformity, drama, and intrigue by posting only black and white photos. We recommend pairing this tip with either a vintage or minimalist vibe so that every photo looks like a work of art.

Which Beautiful Instagram Feed Ideas Are Your Favorite?

Photography is a phenomenal pastime and an even better money-maker. If you want to turn your Instagram into a major success, use one of these beautiful Instagram feed ideas to put together an aesthetic that your followers will love.

Want to see beautiful photography skills in action? Take a look around to get inspired by the latest trends in photography, fashion, and social media.