3 Top Things To Look For in Premium Cosmetics

3 Top Things To Look For in Premium Cosmetics

3 Top Things To Look For in Premium Cosmetics

When searching for the right cosmetic product for you there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Not all products are created equal and some may even be more harmful than good. Especially those that harm animals in the process. This short and sweet article will help you avoid potentially harmful or damaging cosmetic products moving forward.

  1. Avoid Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances vary in popularity due to their sometimes pleasant and always powerful smells. However, many synthetic fragrances can be horribly damaging to the human skin as well as causing irritations and even aggravating skin conditions such as eczema. 

These irritations may not even contain themselves to you - synthetic fragrances can even affect those around you. Not only are many fragrances petroleum-based (which can be harmful to your skin on its own) they also contain a plethora of synthetic chemicals that can have a myriad of side effects, including carcinogens (cancer-causing).

The effect you may have on other people is not something to be ignored. The chemicals found in synthetic fragrances such as Styrene can trigger allergic reactions in children (and some adults). 

Sticking to all-natural beauty products that are unscented can vastly benefit your skin.

  1. All-Natural is Typically Better

All-natural cosmetics are far and away from the best option for most people when compared to synthetic or lab-made products. By avoiding harmful chemicals and unnatural preservatives we can focus on naturally occurring properties that fulfill the same role without the harmful side effects. If you want to buy natural mineral-based cosmetics products, you can do so by visiting https://www.ecominerals.com.au.

All-natural ingredients tend to have a much lighter impact on the environment than factory-made products. Lower Co2 production and reduced harmful chemicals being pumped into the air are just two of the many reasons all-natural ingredients should be prioritized.

We have existed for thousands of years surviving on naturally occurring plants and minerals, there is no need to try and replicate the wonderful healing properties some plants have simply to save a few pennies and slightly increase shelf life Natural ingredients means sustainable ingredients. 

While it's true that as individuals what we do makes very little difference to our environment. Even our local environment. Its only by all making an effort that real change can be achieved. All-natural ingredients are far gentler on our own skins as well as the world around us. They are less likely to trigger reactions like itchy skin or rashes. Not all-natural ingredients are safe for all people, so it's still important to ensure you are finding the right product for you and your skin.

  1.  Avoid Animal-based Products

It is far from uncommon to find animal-based ingredients in many of your cosmetic products. Whether it's urine from a cow or the fat secreted from a sheep's wool these products find their way into cosmetics of even the most well-known and trusted brands. 

Avoiding these products is not only a matter of ethical sustainability its a matter of humanity. Animal products are rarely taken from a live animal. This is not a sustainable way of sourcing ingredients nor is it morally acceptable.

Animal testing goes hand in hand with sourcing animal-based ingredients. Animal testing is cruel and sadistic, any product that is a result of animal testing should be avoided on principle. Not all products sourced from animals are unsustainable. Honey, for example, is renewable and hugely beneficial. 

So long as the bees are well cared for. While people may have differing opinions on whether or not keeping bees is ethical or not, beeswax makes a far safer preservative than almost all artificially created alternatives. Before you try out the beauty tips get expert advice from Evo Academy through their beauty courses.


Hopefully, this brief article on the top 3 things to keep in mind for cosmetic products has opened your eyes a little to the kinds of issues that many cosmetic problems are fraught with. 

By avoiding synthetic fragrances and animal-based products, by focussing on all-natural ingredients, you will find that you are having a far more positive impact. A positive impact on your environment and its wildlife, of course, on your own skin. PETA does maintain a list of animal-derived ingredients which should do your best to avoid.