10 things you might not know about rubies

10 things you might not know about rubies

10 things you might not know about rubies

Rubies are recognized as precious gemstones throughout history. Different cultures and traditions have as well identified it with several beliefs and representations. One major belief that has been attached to it is the fact that it signifies everlasting love. They say the colour of ruby appears as a flame that is burning eternally. 

Rubies are deserving of royalty. Queen Elizabeth's Burmese Ruby Tiara is a symbolic piece of jewellery made with rubies. This article will explore 10 things you never knew about this wonder flaming gemstone.

Why is Ruby More Expensive than Diamond?

When talking about the world's most precious stones, rubies and diamonds are top of the list. However, diamonds are on average, more expensive than rubies. This is because they score the highest on Mohs scales of hardness.

It is also possible to find rubies that are of the same price as diamonds. This is because the colour variations in rubies increase the price. However, rubies are sometimes more expensive than some low-grade diamonds.

In recent, lab-grown rubies are a growing trend in the industry along with other types of “man-created” stones like diamonds, emeralds or sapphires. While lab-creat have the same chemical composition as its natural counterpart, they are manufactured in an ethical way, in laboratories. Lab-grown gemstones have the same chemical composition as their natural counter-parts and are real ones, but unmined.

How Many Types of Rubies are There?

There are different types of rubies. Rubies can be found in various parts of the world. As a result, they cannot be the same. However, all Rubies have a striking effect. The following are some types of rubies:

  • Burmese Rubies : The highest quality of rubies are the Burmese rubies. This is because they have a deep red, vibrant and alluring colour as “Pigeon Blood”. There are old and new Burmese rubies which are the most expensive kind of rubies available.
  • Thai Rubies : Rubies that have a deep red colour with iron traces in them are found in Thai. Thai rubies are very common and highly preferred for their very red colour, the most desired thing about rubies.
  • African Rubies : Rubies found in Africa are normally dark red mixed with a bit of purple. They are less common unlike the Burmese and Thai rubies.
  • Tanzanian Rubies : Tanzanian Rubies are very clean, deep in colour and flawless. They are also very affordable when compared with other rubies. 
  • Madagascar Rubies : These Rubies are very new as they have just been discovered recently. Their colours are orange/red-pinkish.

Benefits of Wearing Rubies

Since their first discovery, people have attributed several benefits to rubies, ranging from healing powers to the luck and charm they bring to people who wear them. These are some of the popular benefits of wearing rubies:

Rubies Have Healing Properties

Rubies are believed to have healing properties such as detoxifying the body, helping blood circulation in the body, curing fever and infectious diseases as well as revitalizing the body system

Rubies are Great Gift Ideas for Fifteenth and Fortieth Anniversary

Rubies are symbol of eternal love. It is interesting to know that you can use rubies to celebrate love and years of togetherness with your spouse. 

Fifteen years of being together with your partner are worth celebrating with a promise of love that would continually be eternal. Forty years of marriage is worth more and a promise of staying together, always and forever even in old age, ignites love. Giving your partner ruby as a gift to celebrate your love symbolizes the fact that you would always be there for him or her.

Rubies have Been Used in Foundations of Buildings

Structurally, rubies have not been used for building foundations. However, some people believe that Rubies bring good luck, wealth, and good health so they put rubies in the ground before laying foundations of the buildings on it. They believe that the rubies in the ground will attract good luck to the household

Why are Rubies Called "the King of Gemstones"?

Since ancient times, the ruby precious stone has been referred to as "the king of gemstones". Ruby is formed in the boldest colours. It as well represents intense love, passion and desire. Lots of cultures have attributed effects to people who wear ruby due to its nature. It can as well conveniently serve so many purposes at a time. It symbolizes emotion, passion, wealth, health, tranquillity, peace of mind and many more.


Rubies are very important gemstones that are even offered to the gods of various religions as the best offerings. They are also used as adornments that bring the wearers lots of blessings.