The A to Z of Permanent Makeup – A Guide

The A to Z of Permanent Makeup – A Guide

The A to Z of Permanent Makeup – A Guide


Do you want your favorite makeup staples to stay on your face forever? Well, we have good news for you. The permanent makeup technique has taken center stage, and a smudge-free look is waiting for you. This cosmetic practice reproduces designs that resemble makeup by implanting pigment into the skin for a long-lasting look. 

According to, permanent makeup is gaining wide recognition and has become very popular in the last decade. And the plus point is that this fast-growing part of the health and beauty industry does not have any upper age limit. Just a few prerequisites, and the graceful ladies in their eighties can flaunt their makeup look like an 18-year-old.

And we are here with our guide to add more perfection to the whole procedure so that you get the best outcomes. Read on to know how to make the most of this modern technique and enjoy a more beautiful version of yourself. 

Permanent makeup- eligibility criteria

There are many things that need your consideration if you want to undergo this treatment to enhance your beauty. Anyone who has good skin can opt for this procedure but remember, if you are a person who has no escape from the sun, then this treatment is not for you. The UVA rays can be harmful and can change the pigment tones, giving you a weird look.

Athletic women can, however, avoid the sun and make the most of this cosmetic technique as they are always under the threat that their makeup will wear off due to tedious exercises and stress. Plus, it saves a lot of time and energy, so the people who remain in the spotlight are the perfect candidates.

So as long as you're over 18, there’s no issue with getting permanent makeup treatment. And people in their 90s are also welcome, provided that they are not facing any traumas or suffering from any severe health conditions. Keep in mind that it’s all about your skin which is the most important part of your body, so just be careful before landing on any decision. Also, make sure that your technician knows their job well. The age might not matter, but there are other important considerations that need your attention. Please don’t ignore them.

So say goodbye to the hassles of applying makeup daily. Conduct a comprehensive search for the best permanent makeup near me and explore all the available options to get a perfect appearance that will last for years.

Permanent makeup options

Permanent makeup provides you with a lot of options to add that extra beauty to your facial parts. There are a lot of procedure types that you can undergo. Let’s look at the most popular ones so that you get a clear picture of what portions can be uplifted through this modern technique:

  • Microblading: Microblading eyebrows insert pigment under your skin through a needle to give you sharp, natural-looking eyebrows. The results can be enjoyed from 18 to 30 months, but this all depends on your skin type, lifestyle, the frequency of touchups, and the time you spend on aftercare. Microbladed eyebrows are also becoming extremely common, so you should be able to find it easily.
  • Permanent eyeliner: In this case, the tattoo is applied to the lash line, where the thickness depends on your preference. The lasting time ranges from 8 to 18 months, depending on your skin type, the medications you use, your overall health, etc.
  • Permanent lip tinting: Lip blushing is achieved by depositing pigments into your lips through tiny needles. It enhances the beauty of the natural lip and gives them a perfect shape. It can last for up five years, depending on your routine and other aftercare precautions that you take.
  • Scar camouflage: Scar camouflage involves masking a scar with flesh-colored pigment. Since the Scar tissue is thicker and has no sweat glands, so this option stays longer than other types of permanent makeup. It is recommended that you stay away from the sun and care for your skin gently to let the magic continue for years. 

Permanent makeup - the preparation

This is the most important step in your permanent makeup journey. The pre and post care will define your new look and decide the tenure for which your makeup will last. If you consult an expert, they will definitely guide you on every detail. Make sure you follow all the rules so that there are no regrets later on. 

A piece of advice here is to start early on, even before meeting a technician. It is better to ignore the sun, and in case there is an encounter, keep a sunscreen handy to save you from the heat and rays. Also, avoid any pretreatment activities such as shaving, waxing, or exfoliation. Moreover, stop smoking, anti-inflammatory drugs, or any other medication that may feel harmful. Your doctor’s intervention is necessary here to direct you. In addition to all this, make water your best friend. The more you stay hydrated, the more perfect your results will be. 

Also, bear in mind that there are many aftercare instructions that you need to follow. Using fresh bed linen, avoiding skin treatments, washing the treated area multiple times, and taking colder showers rather than hot ones are a few of the essential precautions that you need to take. Your consultant will definitely guide you better. Listen to their advice and be ready to welcome your new skin with open arms.

Permanent makeup Benefits

There are a lot of benefits enjoyed by people who have undertaken such cosmetic surgeries. First, they are spared from the hassles of applying makeup every day, saving thousands of minutes each day. Then they are free from the makeup maintenance issues.

The symmetrical application adds to the beauty and confidence of the person. Plus, obviously, your spending on cosmetics reduces to almost nil. In addition to all this, your natural features are highlighted, giving you the appearance that you have always craved for. Moreover, people who suffer from makeup and skin allergies get a chance to add boldness to their overall look, which would have been a dream for them otherwise.

So add this beauty enhancement formula to your life and appear your best every minute. You can now swim and exercise and avoid a messy presence that always makes you feel uncomfortable.

Permanent makeup – limitations

Where there are a lot of advantages of jumping onto the bandwagon of long-lasting makeup, there are some cons too. You need to analyze each aspect before you move ahead. Firstly let’s not forget that the look is permanent and so you don’t get to play around. If you get bored too easily, this kind of treatment is definitely not your cup of tea.

Secondly, safety always remains a concern. A wrong move, and you are doomed. So make sure to consult an artist who has an excellent record and knows his job very well. These types of treatments can be painful and expensive too. Plus, the tenure of the results can be lesser than expected. So it is better to look into every aspect before coming to a decision. Your skin is your most valuable asset, and any experiment is not welcome. 

Parting words

Permanent makeup has become the buzzword in the present era, and it’s like a dream come true for cosmetic lovers all around the globe. Imagine looking awesome from the moment you wake up. Doesn’t that sound so good? 

Well, it is worthy to note that the pros of this technique easily outweigh the cons, but then there are certain limitations and criteria that need to be followed if you want to add this magical formula to your life and get the best results. Plus, choosing the best artist is the key to success. So if you plan to undergo any such treatment, make sure you do your homework and then get on to the expedition to enjoy the perfect look you always wanted.

Do you think that you want to add anything else to our guide? If yes, please feel free to share your views in the comments section below.