Soothe Your Skin: 5 Ways to Enjoy a Spa Day at Home

Soothe Your Skin: 5 Ways to Enjoy a Spa Day at Home

Soothe Your Skin: 5 Ways to Enjoy a Spa Day at Home

Can you recreate a full-on spa experience at home? Regular trips to the spa are a far-fetched luxury most of us can't afford. But it doesn't mean we should forgo self-care while at home. In fact, why not recreate a spa day experience at home? You don't need a masseur at hand. You can have a great spa day experience at home with a good self-care kit. Here are five ways to set up a perfect spa day experience at home. 

Pick Up All the Spa Essentials Beforehand

A perfect spa experience at home begins with a plan and preparation. Set what you desire to achieve on that day, set your intentions, set aside time, and list everything necessary to recreate a spa-like experience in your home. Buy skin, eyes, hair, nails, toes, and feet treatments you'd wish to try. Remember, some of the treatments may need more prep time than others. For that reason, it's crucial to pick them up beforehand. You can get these treatments in any beauty store or online store. Check out the 420 CBD store. You'll find great skin products designed to soothe your skin. 420 CBD stores stock different types of organic CBD products. Whether you want skin-smoothing scrubs, glow-inducing facial products, oils, bath salts, or something for your hands and feet, 420 CBD stores got you. You'll find any product you'd ever want in your self-care kit. All the products are cautiously curated and don't need extra prep time. What's more, they're vetted and Certificate of Analysis (CoA) certified.  

Pick and Prep a Spa Spot

Choose a spot that is quiet, comfortable, and relaxing. It could be your bedroom, a quiet unused corner, a bathroom, a calming outdoor space, or any space you think is calming. After choosing the right spot, clear it. Get rid of any item that would distract you during the spa session. If possible, make the environment electronic-free. Set out all the treatments and a playlist you need for the day. Set up mini-stations to prevent crowding your treatments in one spot. Every treatment needs a solo mini station. You also need refreshments. Set up a mini spa bar. Treat yourself to some sparkling refreshments, herbal teas, or infused water.  

Mood and Ambiance

You need a tranquil, relaxed, and calming mood to complement the spa spot. Set up the spa mood by 

  • Lighting Candles 

Nothing is more calming and relaxing than being in a room with lit candles. That's why spas have lots of lit candles that off gentle and calming scents. Use scented candles. Either way, scented or unscented candles are calming. Remember to get non-toxic candles. Be creative with how you set up the candles. You can use mason jars or float them. 

  • Scenting the room with calming scents

Scents are good mood elevators. Use natural scents such as lavender scents. You can use oil diffusers, put them on your towels or pillows your set for the space.

  • Putting on soothing Music

Set the tone with soothing music. Soothing music gets you into the spa mood. It will prevent cluttered thoughts during the spa session. 

  • Burning Incense

Burning incense is a great way to destress. It evokes tranquillity. That's the exact environment you'd want for your home spa setting.

  • Changing into comfy clothes

 Get a luxurious robe, loungewear, and slip-on slippers for the day. All in all, choose a fabric that feels soft and good on your skin. Satin, wool, soft cotton, or silk will be great options for the day. 

Time for A Smooth Skin and a Massage

Once you're into the spa mood, pay attention to your skin, eyes, hair, hands, and feet. Treat your skin with an exfoliation treatment. Meticulously scrub your skin from head to toe. Put on a refreshing and hydrating face mask and have a warm foot soak. Give yourself a solo massage using massage tools, or ask your spouse to take charge. Pamper your face with a facial massage

A Relaxing and Beauty Soak 

After a restorative skin and facial session, it's time to soak away all your worries. Wind up the session with a long beauty soak. Take your candles, fresh flowers, a glass of wine, and music with you. Put drops of rose or lavender essential oil into the water. Add Epsom salt, or a cup of milk to help spread out the oil. Get in and wallow in self-rejuvenation. 

Wind Up

Take a little time for yourself and treat yourself to some soothing music, skin restoration, and a candle-lit soak bath. You deserve a spa day experience at home.