Seriously, Dude. You’ve Got to Learn How to Love Sex Toys! Here’s Why…

Seriously, Dude. You’ve Got to Learn How to Love Sex Toys! Here’s Why…

Seriously, Dude. You've Got to Learn How to Love Sex Toys! Here's Why…

Although we would love to tell you that all you need are your genitals and some good lovin' to get you to O-town, for a lot of vagina-having folks, it's not always that easy. It's a truth universally known that a huge percentage of vagina-owners can't orgasm without clitoral stimulation. So if you're in a CIS man and woman relationship, this can create some unnecessary tension. 

Enter: sex toys. More specifically, vibrators!

Are these the key to female-sexual empowerment and liberation? We sure do think so…

The Female Orgasm as a "Challenge".

If we're talking about a CIS man and woman sexual relationship, sometimes the man can feel unfulfilled if they can't make their partner orgasm with just their body alone. 

This can turn the female orgasm into a challenge for them, which in any other situation would be a good thing. However, putting the female orgasm on a pedestal like this can put pressure on the woman to reach orgasm, which inherently makes the orgasm even less likely to happen. 

This isn't fair for either party involved, like a negative domino effect. 

Our advice? Don't make female orgasm the focus of your sex life. If it happens, it happens. Just focus on making her feel good, and, who knows, maybe she'll climax in her own time. 

Another piece of advice? Don't feel shame if your partner doesn't orgasm "naturally" through penetrative sex. Instead, feel empowered in what you can do to get her there. And using sex toys is definitely one way to take your sex to the next level.

Sex Toys Equal Pleasure for BOTH Parties.

A lot of the aggro that men can show toward sex toys stems from the belief that the sex toy is all about pleasuring the woman in a way that a man cannot. This is actually not the case. Like, at all. 

Suppose you are already pleasuring your woman the best way you know-how; a vibrator cannot and will not ever replace you. A vibrator on her clitoris will simply take her pleasure to the next level, making her even wetter and more aroused. And the wetter she is, the more pleasure your penis will feel inside her. 

It's a win-win! Sometimes, a vibrator on the clitoris is all a woman needs to get her to where you are pleasure-wise, making a shared or simultaneous climax a very real possibility!

So, embrace those vibrating toys and use them to unlock this insanely beautiful, euphorically driven potential!!

Watching a Woman Use a Sex Toy is a Pleasure on its Own!

While men are distracted with worrying about a mechanical toy replacing their penis, they're ignoring the fact that they are getting a live sex show! If there's anything sexier than a woman having sex, it's watching her pleasure herself the way that she likes it. And if you're clever, you can use this as an opportunity to learn how she likes to be pleasured. 

To really be able to observe your girl, lie on your back and have her get on top cowgirl-style. Then just let her go up and down on your penis how she likes and use her vibrator on her clit the way she likes to bring herself to orgasm. 

Because she'll be doing most of the work, you can watch how she rubs her clit with the vibrator. Does she like low or high-frequency stimulation? Is the toy on her clit or on the side? Is she tapping the toy on her clit and then giving it a break, or does she like constant stimulation? By observing her when she's self-pleasuring, you can incorporate some of her techniques into your fingering and oral play.

Snag a notepad, gentleman. It's time to learn from your queen!

Pleasure for Men and Women

Believe it or not, guys, there are sex toys out there for dual stimulation. Yes, a sex toy for both you and her! 

  • Cock ring: a cock ring is an inexpensive sex toy that you slide onto the base of your penis to keep it harder for longer. You can even get cock rings with an attachment for a bullet vibrator to stimulate her clit.
  • Magic Wand Vibrator: This type of vibrator can be used all over both of your bodies to massage you from head to toe. Then when you reach the crucial moment, stimulate her clit to bring her to orgasmic bliss. Looking to buy a magic wand? Try Aurora- The Sensational Two-Headed Dildo. It doubles as a vibrating massager and a dildo for her! Plus, its bright pink color will please any girly girl! 
  • Dual-head vibrator: If you like to be creative during sex, why not try a dual-head vibrator to pleasure both of you at the same time? Suitable for all genders and all types of couples, this vibrator is bound to be a winner for your sexual pleasure! 
  • Insertable vibrator for penetrative sex: There are many insertable vibrators on the market that pleasure both partners. Typically, they come in a U shape, one side is insertable to stimulate her g-spot and the man's penis, and the other side rests on top of her clitoris, providing amazing external stimulation. Wear during sex to take your penis-vagina sex to another level.

In the end, all you have to do is embrace creativity, and you'll find that nearly all sex toys are gender-neutral. A man should find equal pleasure in using a vibrator on his partner as she does on herself. All genders can use anal toys. Nipple clamps? Well, we all have nipples, don't we?! See what we mean?

When utilized with an open mind and with a touch of creativity, sex toys equal shared pleasure for all!

Sex Toys JUST for Men

Although there is a lot of focus on women in the sex toy market, there are some great sex toys out there just for men too.

  • Penis sleeve: A penis sleeve is a sex toy that a man slides onto his penis and uses to masturbate. If you're looking for a change from your lady's hand, try a penis sleeve! It's also a fairly inexpensive toy to add to your bedroom drawer. This is perfect for a session of mutual masturbation.
  • Pocket pussies: Similar to the penis sleeve but designed to look like a lady's genitals, a pocket pussy might just be what you need to spice things up, as they are visually appealing and feel incredible.
  • Male vibrators: Just like women have specific types of vibrators for different types of pleasure; there is also a plethora of male vibrators on the market to make you come. Give your hand a break and treat your wang to some top-quality wanking - see this guide from automaticmalemasturbator.com
  • Prostate massager: Now, hear me out. I know for some men, a prostate massager is a big NO. But maybe you need to try it first before you count it out? After all, they do say that the male prostate is the equivalent of the female clitoris… think about it.

Final Words…

To the men out there who are skeptical about sex toys, this is your PSA to EMBRACE THEM. Embrace your girl using them to make herself come on top of your wang. Embrace toys that make you both feel good. Embrace toys that make just you feel good! We are lucky to live in an age where so much technology is being put into our sexual pleasure. It'd be a shame not to use it, right?