Say ‘I Do’: 7 Rewarding Benefits of Planning a Destination Wedding

Say ‘I Do’: 7 Rewarding Benefits of Planning a Destination Wedding

Say 'I Do': 7 Rewarding Benefits of Planning a Destination Wedding

Are you planning a wedding? Or were your original wedding plans derailed by COVID?

Many couples are in the same situation. Wedding planning looks different today than it did two years ago. Many more couples are rethinking their original plans and inventing new ones.

Did you know that 25% of weddings are destination weddings? And now that more countries are opening their borders to international travelers, we can look forward to a revival of destination weddings. 

We'll look at seven superb benefits of getting married away from home. You'll be saying "Why not?" before you jet away to say I do! 

1. Group Travel Without the Hassle 

Everyone loves the idea of traveling with their friends - but not everyone loves the reality of traveling with their friends. 

A destination wedding makes this so much more fun! 

If you've ever planned a trip with your family and friends, you know it's challenging. It's hard to get everyone on the same page. Not everyone adheres to the plans, and a meltdown or two is bound to happen. 

With a destination wedding, there is one focus: you! Your guests have one job and that's to attend your wedding. So you'll have all the fun of traveling with your friends without the headaches.

2. An Homage to Heritage 

Do you or your future spouse have family in another country? Do you want to honor your heritage with your wedding? 

Many Americans have deep ties to other countries. Use this opportunity to highlight your roots by holding your wedding in a place that's meaningful to you. 

An added bonus is more of your loved ones can attend. Securing US travel visas can be costly and time-consuming. Simplify this for your international loved ones by bringing the wedding to them. 

3. One Stop Shopping

Some couples might see the destination wedding travel planning process as daunting. How can you plan a wedding in a place so far away? 

The answer is easy: hire a reliable destination wedding planner

Destination wedding planners are the epitome of one-stop wedding shopping. They'll take care of the event planning. And they're intimately familiar with your destination.

Venue? Check. 

Catering? Check.

Flowers? Check.

You get the idea. With the right wedding planner in your corner, all you need to do is show up.

4. Wedding and Honeymoon: The Perfect Match

Are you the bride-to-be who picked out her honeymoon location before anything else? Many people know instantly where they want to go after the wedding. Why not use that decisiveness to your advantage? 

When you host your wedding in your honeymoon location, you simplify many things. The added pressure of packing for your honeymoon while simultaneously getting married is gone. 

With a destination wedding, your ceremony and honeymoon are rolled into one. And if you're the type who actually wants friends and family around for part (or all) of your honeymoon, this is the perfect solution. 

5. Say I Do to Anniversary Trips

Are you the type of couple who envisions travel as an anniversary celebration? Now you can forego the trip planning and return to the place it all started. 

Getting married in an exotic locale is very meaningful. You'll always have a very specific and special association with this place. When it comes time to celebrate anniversaries, you can always go back and remember how it all began. 

You can even gather your friends and family to celebrate with you! A return trip with your original wedding guests gives everyone a chance to enjoy it in a more relaxed manner.

If you have children, you can plan future visits with them. They'll be delighted to see where their parents started their lives together. 

6. Create a Unique Bond with Your Partner

You don't really know someone until you travel with them. Leaving your comfort zone for another country and culture is a little scary. But when you take the travel plunge with someone you love, you'll learn to make it work. 

Travel requires a cool head, creative problem solving, and a sense of adventure. You and your new spouse will get to share these challenges and experience the magic of travel together. 

Traveling as a new couple can bring you closer. You'll share experiences that you'll never be able to replicate with someone else. You'll rise to challenges you never thought you'd face. 

But all of these are marvelous ways to learn more about your partner and understand that if you can get through this, you can get through anything. 

7. Curate a Lifetime of Memories With Decor

You'll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Most couples look fondly at their wedding photos and remember how it all started. With a destination wedding, you'll have photos but also so much more. 

Getting married means you'll combine your lives - and this often includes decor. Combining two different aesthetics requires finesse and diplomacy. Your design preferences might clash and who wants to argue over decor anyway? 

Use your destination wedding and honeymoon as a time to shop for decor together. Pick out a statement art piece you both love. Choose a specific type of item to collect so you can both add to that collection over the years. 

Make these choices together so you can discover how the two of you can combine your tastes. You'll always have these beautiful mementos to remind you why you got married in the first place. 

Start Creating Your Destination Wedding Today

Are you ready to say I do to a destination wedding? Start getting organized today! Find a great wedding concierge to handle the event planning, grab your passports and go.

But first, have a look at our blog! We have more fun and refreshing ideas for your big day.