Nip and Tuck With These 7 Common Types of Plastic Surgery

Nip and Tuck With These 7 Common Types of Plastic Surgery

Nip and Tuck With These 7 Common Types of Plastic Surgery

With around 14 million cosmetic procedures performed in any given year in the USA, plastic surgery is becoming more and more common. Although it was once stigmatized, people are embracing the idea that plastic surgery helps fight insecurity and can improve some people's quality of life.

If you're considering getting some, it's important to do your research. Let's take a look at the most common types of plastic surgery and what they involve.

1. Breast Augmentation

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures is breast augmentation. This involves inserting implants into the breasts to make them bigger and often involves some lifting and reshaping. 

It's usually done for cosmetic reasons, but could also follow breast surgery that was medically necessary.

This gives many people a boost in their self-confidence as their clothes and bras fit better and the breasts end up being more symmetrical too.

With the help of a skilled doctor, you can get the best results for plastic surgery in Singapore. Be confident and follow the instructions post-surgery for a safe and successful breast augmentation procedure

It's important to take the recovery into account when getting this procedure done, however. You can expect not to be able to exercise for a few weeks following the surgery or you may damage yourself, and it will take some time for the swelling to go down — so don't expect to see the result for a little while.

2. Liposuction

Liposuction is another common form of cosmetic surgery that sucks some fat out of the body. People usually turn to this type of plastic surgery when they're struggling to get rid of that fat through more natural means such as diet and exercise.

There are some prerequisites for this type of surgery. You need to be within a certain amount of your ideal weight that's achievable through the surgery and have elastic skin that won't become too loose afterward. 

The recovery can also take some time and you may have to wear compression garments for a couple of months.

3. Nose Surgery

There are many different types of surgeries for your nose available, such as rhinoplasty. This form of elective surgery is usually undertaken to change the shape of the nose or make it smaller, as many people are self-conscious about having a larger nose.

Whether you want to make your nose smaller or fix trauma to it that happened through an injury or some other means, there's a lot that surgeons can do. Make sure you pick someone who's achieved similar results in the past by looking at before and after pictures.

The recovery from this type of surgery usually isn't bad, but you can expect bruising and swelling around your face.

4. A Facelift

A facelift is for those who want to combat the signs of aging. Surgeons can tighten up the skin on the face to remove wrinkles.

Although there are other options for this — such as Botox. A facelift tends to be a more extreme and permanent procedure that doesn't require a lot of the upkeep other, less invasive procedures do.

There are some risks associated with this surgery, such as bleeding and hair loss, so make sure you do your research and pick the best plastic surgeon possible.

5. Hair Replacement Surgery

As we get older, it's common for our hair to thin out and hairlines to recede. This is particularly common in families that have the genetics that makes them predisposed to it. While some people are fine living without hair, others prefer themselves with it and that's where hair replacement surgery can help.

Your surgeon will prepare grafts to insert hair. This surgery takes months to see proper results, but there's a short recovery time and it's worth it after around six months to a year. It can make a huge and very permanent difference.

6. Lip Augmentation

There are different types of lip augmentation procedures. The most common is lip fillers, which are also the least invasive and involve injecting some filler into the lip that will dissolve after a few months.

This means it requires upkeep but is a great option for some who don't want to permanently commit.

They're also very customizable and can be used to even out the symmetry of the lips (if one side is thinner than the others) or enlarge them altogether. There are other, more extreme procedures available too.

7. Tattoo Removal

You may know tattoo removal as laser surgery, and this can be done too. However, lasers often take a long time and it can never be guaranteed that the tattoo will fade entirely. It's more likely that the laser will fade the tattoo enough to where it can be covered by another design.

For those looking for a quicker and more absolute option, surgeons can cut out the skin where the tattoo is. Chemical peels can also be used, as well as grinding down the skin until the tattoo is gone.

The recovery and cost depend on what type of method you use, so it's important to talk to a knowledgeable surgeon to see which is best for you.

There Are Many Different Types of Plastic Surgery

There are so many different types of plastic surgery that can cover a wide range of necessities and desires. Whether you're insecure about fat on your body or the shape of a facial feature, there's something out there that can help.

It's just important to do your research and make sure you're prepared for the procedure as well as any side effects and recovery time. It's also important to ensure you have the best plastic surgeon for the job.

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