How to Wear a Baseball Cap With Long Hair

How to Wear a Baseball Cap With Long Hair

How to Wear a Baseball Cap With Long Hair

Experts estimated the global baseball cap market size to be $16.46 billion in 2020. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this hat style is quite popular. To keep up with current trends, you may want to buy and wear one or more for yourself.

However, you may not know how to wear a baseball cap with long hair. If so, read on to learn some different ways to do so. 

Hair Through the Back Hole 

Many people like to pull their hair through the back hole of a baseball cap. Often, they will tie it into a ponytail before doing so. This isn’t, however, the only way to rock the back hole hair look. 

Some other baseball cap tips are to wear this look with a bun or a braid. However, it’s difficult to push this through the back hole once they’re formed. Instead, you can push your hair through the hole and then tie it into a bun or a braid. 

There are some downsides to this, however. Your hat will be stuck on your head all day unless you want to undo your style. Also, a bun might cover custom embroidery like the kind you can get at

Hair Styled on Both Sides 

Consider giving yourself pigtails, double braids, or double buns before you put on your baseball cap. How these appear depends entirely on the hairstyle. Pigtails make you look fun, while double braids make you appear more elegant. 

In general, though, you’ll at least look like you care about your overall appearance. This will make you appear a bit more well-kept if you wish.

Hair Styled on One Side 

You’re unlikely to find this style in a baseball cap guide. Styling your hair to one side isn’t the most popular of styles. Therefore, doing so might make you appear quirky. 

Some people like appearing this way, though. If you’re one of those, consider tying a pigtail or braid under your hat on either side. You can even wear the baseball hat crooked to appear even more fun. 

Hair Worn Down 

It’s not necessary for you to style your hair, though. It’s very common for long-haired folk to stick a hat on their head without any ceremony. As long as you keep your hair brushed and clean, you’re unlikely to get any grief. 

In addition, this style is great if you’re going for a casual, rockstar, or hippie look. Just keep the hair over your ears to appear wild and free. If you want to appear neater, tuck your hair over your ears. 

Learn More Than Just How to Wear a Baseball Cap With Long Hair 

Another thing to remember is that the type of baseball cap you’re wearing can make or break a style. Consider looking at a baseball cap buying guide the next time you’re in the market for one. You may just find a cap that matches your preferred hairstyle better than others. 

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