How Do I Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in My Local Area?

How Do I Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in My Local Area?

How Do I Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in My Local Area?

About 18 million cosmetic surgical procedures happen every year in the united states. If you've been wanting to make a few changes to your face or body, now's the time to do it. 

But how do you find the best plastic surgeon for the job? If you've never sought out cosmetic surgery, you might feel lost. It's even worse if you don't personally know anyone who can give you advice.

We're here to help. Read on for a few things that you should consider when you're looking for a plastic surgeon.

Check Their Specialties

Did you know that not all plastic surgeons do the same procedures? Yes, they might be more than capable of doing what you want, but it doesn't mean that they'll be the best choice. It's in your best interest to find someone with plenty of experience with the specific procedure that you're interested in. 

A surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation may not be interested or experienced in performing face lifts, for example.

Look at Before-and-After Pictures

Once you've found a plastic surgeon that specializes in the type of procedure that you're interested in, look at before-and-after photos. Most good surgeons will have these available on their website, but you may also be able to request them during a consultation. 

Again, all surgeons are different. Looking at before-and-after photos will give you an idea of whether or not the surgeon's aesthetic aligns with your own. Surgeons tend to go for a specific "look" with their procedures (though they will obviously modify it for your wants). 

While you're looking through examples of their various types of facelifts, see if the end results are similar to what you're looking for. 

Find Someone Board-Certified

Make sure that you're going to a safe and legitimate surgeon for your facelift procedure (or whatever other cosmetic procedure you're seeking). You want the surgeon to be board-certified. 

A board-certified surgeon has gone through extra efforts to enhance their knowledge and perfect their craft. Board-certified surgeons are held to a higher standard, and it shows.

A surgeon that isn't board-certified may not be bad, but it's a red flag. 

Go to Multiple Consultations 

You will always have to go to a consultation before you commit to getting cosmetic surgery, but we recommend going to multiple consultations with several surgeons if it's possible for you to do so.

You can't learn everything about a plastic surgeon online. While their credentials and results matter, you also need to know that you feel comfortable with them (and the other people at the hospital or surgical center). 

When you go to the consultation, ask them how they would do the procedure. See if they respond well to your questions and requests. 

All surgeons should ask about your medical history as well as any specific concerns that you have during the consultation. If they don't, it's time to find a different one. 

Find the Best Plastic Surgeon Around

You don't want to settle for a mediocre surgeon. Use these tips to find the best plastic surgeon for your next cosmetic procedure. Good luck!

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