Five Essential Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Scooter During Winter Months

Five Essential Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Scooter During Winter Months

Five Essential Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Scooter During Winter Months

As the days grow shorter and the nights become longer and colder, it is essential to prepare your scooter or powered wheelchair before heading out. Mobilitygiant have put together five essential tips that will help keep you safe during the winter months. 

Consult With Your Dealer 

If you have any specific concerns about your scooter, this is the best time to consult with a dealer to ensure that everything is working correctly. It is always best to be cautious and have any potential issues looked at, even if it would seem to be a minor issue. 

Staying Visible 

As the days become shorter, it will typically mean that you will be traveling in less visible conditions. If you need to be out in the dark, always ensure that you remain visible. There are a number of larger scooters that have lights installed on them, however, it is always wise to ride with high-visibility jackets and vests as well. 

Caution With Kerbs 

During the winter months, it is possible for leaves to pile up around kerbs and make them appear lower than what they actually are. With this in mind, it is wise to try and use designated crossings and dropped kerbs as much as possible. Regardless, you should always use lower speeds and caution when preparing to mount and dismount kerbs and pavements. Your dealer will have likely explained the maximum kerb height for your specific product, if you are unsure, be sure to ask or seek out the information in the manual. 

Know The Forecast 

It is always very important to know the immediate forecast before leaving the house. If you have a smartphone, you should consider downloading a weather app to be able to keep up to date on sudden weather changes. In the event of snow or impending snow, it is usually best to just remain indoors unless it is absolutely vital that you leave the house. 

Plan The Proper Route 

If there is the potential for icy roads, you will want to avoid hills and slopes and remain as far as possible for hazardous situations. While it may call for a longer route, it is better to stay safe. Keep in mind that if you will be on a longer route, it is essential that your vehicle is fully charged. It may also be wise to bring a charger with you just in case the battery needs to be charged up. 

Pre-Journey Check 

Before you leave, it is always a good idea to check some of the following: 

Tyres- Are the tyres to the product fully inflated? Is there any noticeable damage? If you should happen to see something, bring it to the attention of your dealer. 

Battery: Has the battery been properly charged for the entirety of the journey? If you are in doubt, it is best to delay the trip. 

Clothing - It is always important to consider what you are wearing before venturing outdoors. What would happen if you were to breakdown? Would you be warm enough until help could arrive? It is always a good idea to wear an extra layer just in case. 

Medications - If you use a prescription, you must consider what would happen if there was an issue with your scooter. In some instances, it is wise to bring it with you, always safe than sorry.