Cool Home Features That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your House

Cool Home Features That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your House

Cool Home Features That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your House

As kids, most of us have dreamt of the many things we could do in our home and spend having fun for hours and hours. We probably imagined running around the home, swimming in the pool, enjoying the home theater, and having friends home all the time. However, now as grown-ups, there is no need for those dreams to stay just that, as there are plenty of options for you to improve, upgrade and add to your home. That’s why we summed up some cool home features that will surely turn your home into the one you always dreamt of as a kid. 

Home theater 

The idea is probably one of the first childhood dreams of many. Although home theaters have always been a privilege of the rich and extremely wealthy, with today's technology and reduced costs, having a built-in home theater will probably not bankrupt you. You’ll need some room, a few seats and of course a projector; they come at different prices depending on the quality. Of course, nothing like a good stereo setup, this might be a little expensive yet again you can always find great deals online, or maybe get used gear in extra shape. You’ll also need a preamplifier, a subwoofer, and a set of loudspeakers. You can also go with an LED/LCD big screen, however, the video projector can deliver a much bigger screen coverage and they come with a 720p or 1080p resolution. Darken the room, get comfortable and enjoy the movies. Maybe throw in a popcorn machine and some candy to make it a better experience. 


Several studies have shown the soothing effects of sauna treatment on the body and mind, furthermore, saunas have become increasingly expensive and are considered a luxury. 

However, having a sauna has never been easier, and there are plenty of options available. With the right conditions and a comfortable room, you can have a built-in sauna at no time thereby enjoying the luxury it offers. An interesting and unconventional solution might be ordering a barrel sauna for the backyard. The idea has become extremely popular in recent years because it gives off a Norwegian vibe during the winter, with the sauna being placed outdoors. It is cheap and effective and you’ll finally have your own sauna, with all the privileges that come with it. The sizes differ depending on your needs, although even the smallest one is enough for at least two people. Imagine having a grill party, and hoping in the sauna afterward, it will surely be a sensation for all the guests and an overall unusual experience. We highly recommend taking the option under consideration as it will surely improve your home experience. 

Backyard swimming pool and deck 

Now that having a swimming pool that resembles a sauna has been connected to wealth, dig it up again, since it might not cost you half as much as you thought. The actual costs are the ones regarding maintenance, and they can amount to a certain sum, however, as the pool will be used only during the summer, it still is not an excessive setback.

What makes the swimming pool experience outstanding is the refreshing feeling you have after spending some time in the sun, and of course, if you add frameless glass pool fencing, you will get an asthenic and luxurious look. Light plays an amazing role at night. However, with a home grill installed and some cold beverages, you’ll have something to look out for during the upcoming season.

Gaming room 

Getting some darts, a pool table, and a little counter to serve drinks might be the perfect idea for an old-school gaming room. However, you could step up the game by getting some TV and VR equipment for a first-class experience.You can also light the room with LED lights, a bit of color on the walls, and, for the lovers of the retro, a pinball machine, a dartboard set. Add to this a few great friends and you’ll have an amazing time ahead of you.

Home library 

Now, this goes for the lovers of books and reading and is something everyone can work on during their lifetime. A home library has always been a trademark of the rich aristocracy and is easy enough to implement in your home. Simply, take a corner of the room, it does not necessarily have to be the whole room, and put up some shelves with your favorite books on them. Get a cozy chair, and some blankets, and enjoy reading about your favorite adventures.

We hope you’ll find these ideas more than useful in creating a perfect little oasis at home and making your stay much more comfortable and enjoyable than before.