Best Hair Treatments That Revert Hair Damage

Best Hair Treatments That Revert Hair Damage

10 Best Hair Treatments That Revert Hair Damage

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Many individuals complain about excessive hair loss and damage due to the growing use of chemical-based shampoos and beautifying products. Over the past years, many herbal and medicated treatments have been conducted on various patients who aspire to minimize their hair fall. Hair treatments vary depending on skin and hair type. As hair strands grow, they tend to get adapted to the environment around them; hence every hair type requires distinct or blended treatment. 

Just for the sake of shine and silkiness, many individuals are seen applying chemical-based products, such as hair shiners and smoothers. However, these chemical-based products aren’t effective in the long term. Mentioned below are the ten best hair treatments to treat rough and damaged hair loss. 

  • Apply Protein Hair Treatment 

With time hair strands lose their natural moisture and nourishment. Hence, Protein Hair Treatment is recommended to replenish the roots and overall structure of hair foliage. This helps rebuild the protein content and strength in the scalp, giving rise to smooth to silky hair. Breakage and split ends can be minimized after a complete Protein Hair Treatment. Apart from protein hair treatment, many dermatologists recommend consuming a protein-rich diet for nourishing hair growth. 

  • Washing Hair in Lukewarm Water 

At times, many individuals complain about damaged hair strands after taking a full-body bath in hot water. Hot water generates ample heat that can disturb the hair strands, making them weak and damaged. It’s best to wash hair in lukewarm water, which would be beneficial in the long term. After washing hair with lukewarm water, it’s recommended to use a fresh t-shirt or a cloth to dry wet hair instead of rough towels. 

  • Scalp Treatment 

Individuals complaining about itchy and dry scalp should undergo a complete scalp treatment. Hair growth depends upon the oil content in the scalp, which gets replenished or hydrated after a complete scalp treatment. In order to have healthy hair, one should have a healthy and smooth scalp. Individuals and stylists should always stay concerned about the scalp, which is like the powerhouse behind the growth of hair strands. In order to keep the scalp replenished and healthy, one should opt for complete scalp treatment.

  • Hair Oil Treatment 

Dermatologists recommend various oil treatments for hair growth and repair, depending on hair type. Hair oil treatment offers instant shine, softening the disturbed hair strands and creating a well-nourished feel. The hair oil treatment is applied in a specific volume, depending on the hair growth and volume. Once applied, the oil stays on the surface for about 15-25 minutes, and then it’s washed out with shampoo. This would help frizzy hair regain its shine and smoothness. 

  • Hair Detox Treatment 

Individuals who have got their hair styled previously or have undergone a hair enrichment process might consider having the hair detox treatment from a grapevine hair salon. Various chemicals and products are used in hair styling, ultimately damaging natural and smooth hair. Undergoing hair detox treatment would enhance the entire hair scalp, minimizing the hair shaft. A complete detox treatment removes impurities and leftover chemical residues from the roots of the hair. 

  • Moisture Treatment  

Staying in tough and humid conditions can certainly damage one’s hair growth and overall structure. A professional moisture protein treatment offers plentiful moisture and protein to the scalp, which is experiencing dull shine and splitting ends breakup. Moisture treatment works best on dried, frizzy, and damaged hair structures. 

  • Relax Treatment 

After undergoing a complete hair styling procedure, many individuals complain about the poor structure of their hair. In order to create the same old satisfying look, an individual can undergo a relaxing treatment. Many individuals having curls prefer getting a relaxation treatment done once they notice their curls stranding or getting out of shape. 

  • Apply Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Using conditioners would certainly help in reducing hair damage and hair fall. Conditioners are made with a mixture of Almond Oil and repair contents, providing instant nourishment to the damaged hair foliage. After applying conditioning treatment, one could see a striking difference in their hair growth and smoothness. Various deep conditioning treatments are available in the local market, which can work best on your hair. However, it’s best to take recommendations from seasoned dermatologists before applying any conditioning treatment. 

  • Using Hair Oil Mask

Many individuals, especially women, love creating their in-house hair oil masks prepared by mixing protein-based products. People use coconut, banana, egg, and other protein-rich products to create a hair oil mask. A hair oil mask is applied directly to the hair strands and is kept on for an hour or so, depending on the content. Once you feel that every single hair strand is nourished, you can wash it with shampoo. 

  • Get a Trim 

Many hairstylist, beauticians, and dermatologists prefer getting a fresh trim when one is experiencing consistent hair fall, damaged growth, and frizzy hair structure. At times, damaged strands need a complete reset. People with long hair tend to complain about excessive hair loss or uneven hair structures. Hence, it’s recommended to get a trim every 3-4 months, depending upon your beautician and hairstyle. 

Final Word!

With the increasing global temperature and impurities around us, we must take care of ourselves. Our scalp is the most exposed to heat and dust around us. Hence, it’s imperative to take suitable actions in order to extend our natural hair life and strength as no one likes going bald. Various treatments and herbal products can be used to replenish the roots in our scalp, which might have been affected by drastic temperature changes. 

It’s best to keep your hairstyle as natural as possible because applying chemical products to achieve a unique hairstyle can lead to temporary or permanent damage. Continuous oiling can help your hair achieve stable growth and shine. Moreover, applying oil reduces the rough textures, increasing the silkiness in your hair. Before applying any oil treatment, it’s best to consult a professional dermatologist or hair salon which guides you best.