9 New Trendy Natural Technology on the Skincare

9 New Trendy Natural Technology on the Skincare

9 New Trendy Natural Technology on the Skincare

The use of word technology sounds eerie in the context of skincare. But if you stick around for the read, we will change your perception.

After a quick detour to chemical-based products, scientists and aestheticians are back to elements found in nature. These products have better sustainability, more benefits, and zero side effects.

There are hundreds of natural technologies that benefit the skin. But in this blog, we will cover some of the best trendy natural technology that is changing the game for skincare. So let's discuss and explore.

Personalized Skincare

For individuals aware of what works for their skin, personalized skincare is a blessing. With the help of dermatologists and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has become extremely effortless to custom design a formula that works for your skin.

There is no need to use a one-size-fits-all formula when one can have a product that addresses your issues based on the need of your skin and hair. Personalized skincare tends to impact hair and skin problems faster than a generic formula too.


After gut health, probiotics have proven miracles in skincare. Probiotics' unique composition and components help build the skin barrier and reduce inflammation and redness. Moreover, when used continuously, it helps fight acne and all bacteria that causes acne.

It is also important to note that a probiotic is a gentle acne product that is safe for dry skins. Thus it is great for treating eczema and fungal acne treatment. When used for normal skin, it gives glow and radiance to develop a healthy epidermis.


TikTok has influenced and introduced many skincare trends. But thanks to doctors and scientists who weigh in on the trends, we know what skincare trends are a hit and what trends are just a miss.   

There are also a lot of good product ingredients that TikTok introduced us to. For an instance, Bakuchiol is a great plant-based ingredient and replacement for retinol.

It has been observed retinol irritates and purges in various individuals. However, there are lesser or no skin reactions in the case of bakuchiol due to its natural plant-based ingredients.

In no time, the skin will develop an even tone, combat dryness, and boost collagen for brighter and youthful-looking skin.

Aloe Vera

It is commonly known as an unattractive-looking plant and grows wild. However, aloe vera has anti-fungal and regenerative properties. 

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Uniquely, the plant contains over 75 ingredients that improve skin health and is an excellent natural remedy to treat sunburn and other burns on the skin.

These ingredients actively fight acne and acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, skin gets hydrated and firm with constant use of the ingredient. Hence there has been a major shift in brands incorporating aloe vera in skin and hair care.


Cryo, previously known as cryotherapy, was a treatment plan used post-surgeries. It helped heal the tissue scarring, ligament treatment, and instant healing of the surgical field.

Fast forward to 2022, cryotherapy evolved from being available in certain gyms and aesthetic clinics is now available at homes. The therapy is available on hand-held devices and used famously to treat inflammation and collagen boost.

With the doctor's prescribed use, the skin becomes firmer, reduces fine lines, and heals the skin to the road to rejuvenation.

L-ascorbic Acid

We have seen this ingredient in various skincare products. But do we know what L-ascorbic acid is?

It is a water-soluble Vitamin-C that reverses sun damage, regulates melanin production, and promotes collagen production.  

Naturally, it is available in abundance in various fruits and vegetables. When consumed, after some months, it will promote great health benefits. Scientists have also taken inspiration from nature to infuse this ingredient in skincare to see fast and visible results on the skin.


Skin supplements have never been more targeted ever before. You can find brands and kinds of ingredients that specifically target skin conditions.

You will also notice almost all supplements are made with natural herbs, fruits, or ingredients. So, for instance, if you have healthy skin but lack shine, a supplement targets the concern.

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The great thing about these supplements is that they also fight early signs of aging, boost collagen growth, and speed up melanin production.

While these supplements are the best thing, one can have in skincare. But before consuming any medicine, consult the dermatologist


It is a modest root and was underrated for a very long time. If we look back to the medicinal practices of the early nineteens, turmeric is full of benefits.

Curcuma Longa, generally known as turmeric, was used to treat wounds, natural antibiotics, develop antibodies to fight infections, and great mask for the skin.

Women across Asian countries would treat their children with warm milk and turmeric to fight various infections in the blood. Recently, many beverage companies also advertised turmeric latte as a natural immune boost and great for the skin.

When used for skin, Turmeric fights psoriasis, eczema, acne, rashes, sun damage, and photoaging. In addition, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties heal the skin and develop a healthier epidermis with constant use.   

Mandelic Acid

A natural alternate of Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), the mandelic acid is found in bitter almonds. It is a great natural technology that promotes cell regeneration, removes all dead skin cells, and acts as a gentle peel.

Ideally, this mild formula works gently for people with acne-prone or irritated skin to fight all early signs of aging and acne and reduce the fine lines.


Nature is the best remedy for all problems. Similarly, when we take a chapter out of nature's books, every plant and ingredient has its benefits. The great thing about natural products is they have no side effects, and the worst they can do for a person is not have any change on the skin.

Seeing so many products and technologies can overwhelm a person. So it is crucial to find one method that works best for your skin. Then, after deciding on one method ideally, it should be continued for an extended period to see the results and benefits.

Persistence and patience show great results. Before you hop on to the bandwagon of new trends, a responsible thing to do is discuss it with your dermatologist.