5 Ways to Save on your Gas Bill

5 Ways to Save on your Gas Bill

5 Ways to Save on your Gas Bill

Needless to say, with the current gas rises and increases you’ll be doing all you can to cut your gas bill. So, here are some great tips to do just that and lower the amount you’re spending heating your home. 

Keep your curtains and doors shut when the heat is on 

Did you know that windows are responsible for up to 40% of indoor heat loss during winter and up to 87% of the heat gained in your home during summer? Heavy curtains are more effective than blinds at protecting your home against outdoor temperatures. During winter, keeping your curtains open for the most part of the day can help to naturally warm up your home through the sun's heat, however, you need to close them as soon as the sun starts to set in order to retain the heat inside.

By making a habit of closing your curtains and doors, you can realize significant savings on your annual heating costs, especially if you use a gas heater or fireplace to keep your home warm during winter.  

Dress warmly

Instead of turning on the gas heater or gas fireplace when at home during the day in winter, consider throwing on a cardigan, putting on some woolly socks, or draping a throw over your shoulders as you watch TV or read your favorite book. And using a blanket or plush throw to keep yourself warm at night while on the sofa can allow you to use your heater at a much lower setting. 

Avoid preheating the oven

What most people don't realize is that it isn't always necessary to preheat your gas oven before placing the roast since it reaches cooking temperatures rather quickly. Also, try to limit the number of times you open the oven door while cooking in order to prevent heat from escaping. You also need to inspect the door and check whether the seal is intact. All these factors will help you to save some money on your gas bills. 

Find a better energy plan

When it comes to switching to a better energy plan, you shouldn't only focus on your electricity. Though you aren't required to use the same provider for your electricity and gas, a provider that offers a bundled rate will be more affordable. If not, consider using a different provider for your gas. And just as you should with your electricity provider, you need to review your gas usage and needs each year and compare rates with various providers in your area. Ensure that your boiler is always working efficiently with Corgihomeplan.co.uk.

Go solar

While you may not be prepared to convert your home to solar power at the moment, by switching to a solar-powered water heater, you can substantially reduce your gas and electricity bills. In case you have a big family and are concerned about potentially running out of hot water, consider installing a system with a gas booster in order to heat water at night.