5 Top Tips for Healthier Skin as Summer Approaches

5 Top Tips for Healthier Skin as Summer Approaches

Woman drinking water in hot weather - Image Courtesy of Pexels

It's still a bit chilly out because it's spring. But summer is nearly here. And that means getting your body out a bit more. Here are some tips for healthier skin, so you look better in the sun.

Switch to Healthier Skin Care Products

Skincare is so important for looking your best. Dry skin feels annoying and looks terrible. But there are tons you can do to get rid of skin issues so you can look glam in the summer sun. One of the first things you should do is switch to better products. Those cheap creams and branded shower gels you've been using for ages are probably doing more harm than good. What you really need is natural shampoo and soap with no nasty chemicals in them. Even top brands put stuff in that's likely to cause rashes and allergic reactions, so try natural and organic products.

Drink More Water Than You Think You Need

One of the worst things you can do, even all year round, is not drink enough water. But loads of us don't. You go through your day feeling thirsty because you don't grab any water, drink tea and coffee and depend on skin products for hydration. First, tea and coffee are diuretics. That means they're drinks that dehydrate you, like alcoholic drinks. And when you're dehydrated like this, it just shows on your skin. You get shrivelled and wrinkled, and your skin creams can only do so much. So drink plenty of water for a healthy glow and shine.

Be Careful About the Sun

You're going to want to be in the sun when summer comes. But you really need to be careful about it. It sounds like the opposite of what you want, but staying in the sun too long is really bad for your skin and can cause serious issues. Far from the odd bit of sunburn, you can get all types of skin cancer. In fact, there are nearly 17,000 new cases of skin cancer in the UK alone each year. And the vast majority of them come from too much sun and tanning beds. It's the UV radiation that causes it. So, of course, go on and enjoy the sun, but cover up and use lotion.

Don't Take Hot Showers or Baths

Another strange one is not getting hot showers or lying in a hot bath too long. You might think you're hydrating your skin in the shower and bath. You are to a degree. But if they're too hot, you can actually dehydrate your skin and cause all kinds of problems like itching, flaking and shrivelling. That's because the heat removes your natural oils. The natural oils in your skin make it look healthy and shiny. And they also protect you from harmful germs. But given that it's going to be summer soon, you'll probably get cold showers anyway to cool off, so that's a bonus.

Develop a Night Time Routine

You have no idea what your body gets up to at night. When you go into a deep sleep, you move around all night, and your skin can get rubbed by your bedding. This can cause sores and red patches and losing hydration. And losing hydration happens anyway since you sweat loads when you go into certain stages of sleep. To get around these problems, try to develop a good night time hydration routine. Obviously, don't drink loads of water. But try not to drink for hours before you go to sleep. And use organic moisturizers to keep your skin at its best.


Summer's nearly here, and you're probably excited. But you need to look after your skin to show it off. So try organic and natural bath products, and avoid too much sun and hot water.