5 Key Factors to Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Key Factors to Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Trends that are Taking Over the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry keeps on evolving with the shift in beauty standards. This is true no matter what size, shape or age you are, if you have perfect teeth or are working on it with an Invisalign provider, or if you shop designer or enjoy making your own fashion from thrifted finds. As such, it’s good to see these changes reflected in the trends of the self-care, fashion and beauty worlds.Below are five trends taking over the beauty industry:

1. Skincare

Skincare is very popular, making up about 20% of the beauty industry. One of the factors is because of the growing desire of people to want glowing skin without the need to put on makeup. Other factors are the wish to prevent wrinkles and reduce other aging signs. Skincare practices are considered therapeutic by the general public, thus contributing to its popularity. Skincare products like exfoliants, moisturizers, serums, and cleaners are doing pretty well in the beauty industry.

2. Mask Acne Prevention

Mask acne or maskne is when a person develops acne in the face areas that the mask covers. An individual wearing a mask for long durations at a time may face skin breakouts. This acne results from skin friction and humidity one experiences when they have their masks on. The beauty industry has designed covers that prevent mask acne. The masks are designed with various assorted antibacterial or at least breathable materials.

Makeup lovers, while wearing masks, can use liquid lipstick because it does not smear and smudge. Unlike the other lipsticks and lip glosses, with liquid lipstick, you can take off your mask as often as you wish without the worry of destroying your makeup.

3. E-commerce Is Thriving

There has been a significant shift in how people are shopping for their beauty products today. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the shutting down of many beauty shops, people have relied on shopping online to buy their favorite beauty products. Running an online business has proven to be more affordable for beauty shop owners than running a physical beauty shop. Shopping online you can choose from the perfect hair toppers for women and so much more. Online platforms have played a significant role in spreading across various consumers of different categories and have fewer barriers in advertising to their customers. E-commerce has expanded the role of beauty products by promoting brands and influencers on social media.

4. Beauty Products That Are More Diverse And Inclusive

Beauty brands have not been an exception when it comes to being addressed on injustices existing in society. With the wide range of skin tones, beauty products that consider multiple cultures are proliferating. As a study shows, more women of the black race spend their money on beauty products compared to the other race that is not black. Thus, beauty product brands keep evolving and offer every lady a chance to use makeup that matches her skin complexion. It has resulted in the creation of products utilized by a wide demographic.

There has also been a high demand for skincare and makeup for the male gender. It is a sector that has been trending recently and growing fast compared to the women’s segment. There is now a concealer, tinted moisturizer, war paint makeup, haircare, skincare, beard oil, mascara, grooming kits, and even lipstick, all for men.

Inclusivity is not about makeup shades only. It is about products that suit various skin types like sensitive, dry, and oily skin. Inclusive beauty has created many opportunities, and it should always stay a high priority for companies that want to capitalize on their market.

5. Rise Of Natural Beauty Products

Today people are more aware of what products they apply and take in their bodies. This is because people are trying to stay safe from undesirable chemicals used to process beauty products.

These chemicals can be harmful to both the user of the beauty products and the surrounding environment since anything that cannot be taken in by our bodies returns to our water systems. This has resulted in people searching for clean beauty alternatives despite the options going at a higher price.

Most beauty companies are opting for plant-based, natural, and eco-friendly products. Many consumers are now linking beauty products to their general health. Thus, companies prioritize health in their beauty market through scientific authority. Some brands target skin diseases like eczema, which would have typically required an individual to go and see a doctor for prescriptions.

There are always many learning and shifts in the beauty industry that keep on rising as different trends are discovered. Most of the time, trends in the beauty industry are caused by movements arising in pop culture.