What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions That Exist Today?

Synthetic hair, human hair, weaves, and wefts, it can be so confusing when you first venture into the world of extensions. The beauty industry has come a long way from the 17th century's powdered wig, but with the number of options available, deciding which extension best suits you can be difficult.

So, keep reading to find out about the different types of hair extensions.

The Material Matters

When it comes to hair extensions, it's important that you get the facts. Extensions generally fall into two categories: human hair and synthetic hair.

Both types have their pros and cons, the main ones being price and quality. Human hair is much more expensive than synthetic hair, but it is also of a higher quality. If you’re buying human hair extensions from reputable brands like Perfect Locks, you can expect that your extensions will last for years. But, we’re not saying that you can't get good-looking synthetic extensions, it will just be easier to get something that blends seamlessly if you go for human hair.

However, no matter what you pick you will be able to rock those luscious locks.

Methods Vary

How the extensions get installed can make a big difference. The method you use may also depend on your client's routine and the hairstyles they wear, ie curly hair or straight hair, it doesn't help if you give them extremely high-maintenance hair and they are used to a wash and go routine.

Keratin Extensions 

These extensions are installed through a keratin hair bond and are a great option for fine or thinning hair. Since the keratin extensions get bonded to your actual hair in small sections you can make specific areas fuller to make up for any thinning or uneven hair growth. These extensions are low maintenance and give your hair more density without the obvious indications of extensions.

Wefts for Volume

A hair weft is a collection of strands sewn onto a thin cloth strip. These wefts can be sown either by machine or hand onto the cloth. Wefts are usually used as tape-in or clip-in extensions. 

The extensions are added as layers of hair, and generally, your own hair will cover the tape or clips to make them invisible. Clip-in weft hair extensions give you the option to remove them each day so you can change your look up whenever you want.

Sewn-in Hair Extensions

Sewn-in hair extensions are an extension (pun intended) of wefts. For these extensions, long wefts of hair similar to that of clip-in extensions get sewn into layers of your hair. This process involves your hair being braided and the wefts being sewn into your hair using a needle and thread, or a micro-ring method can be used.

This style of hair extension is only suitable for those with thicker types of hair since the sewn-in extensions can cause too much tension to fine or damaged hair. 

Types of Hair Extensions Made Easy

Now that you know about the different types of hair extensions you can easily decide which ones suit you (and your budget!) best. Each type and style has its own benefits, so you'll need to decide how permanent you want the extensions to be and how often you can have them maintained.

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