Traveling Tips To Fully Experience The Magic Of The Adriatic Sea This Year

Traveling Tips To Fully Experience The Magic Of The Adriatic Sea This Year

Traveling Tips To Fully Experience The Magic Of The Adriatic Sea This Year

Traveling through Europe can be fun in any way you do it, however for those with a deeper pocket and sense of adventure, going by sea is an entirely new level. Not only is a journey by the sea a luxurious experience, but it also allows for a more detailed exploration of the Adriatic Sea and other countries you pass by. Starting from Venice to Corfu, the following are some details on how one can fully explore this amazing route via sea.

Merely traveling through each port (Venice, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Kotor, etc.) without stopping at each will not be fun either as they all offer something very unique. So make sure you book passage on a cruise that allows you to stop at each of these locations, and if possible even get off the ship to explore the surrounding regions.

Booking a boat

To put it in simple terms, you need a boat to travel by sea. Contacting a Croatian charter can give you details about available boats for hire. Travelers can stay in hotels, resorts, or any place they wish when they are on land. While onboard it is possible to just sleep in your room,  however, if you are looking for something more interactive be sure to participate in some of the activities provided by the boat company. You want to book as soon as possible to get the best fares. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to find a good deal and avoid high season prices. 

Slow season

Traveling during slow seasons will also help save money on airfare and lodging costs: It's easier to find inexpensive flights when there aren't many people traveling around Europe; hotels tend to offer better rates during low-demand periods because they know they have fewer guests coming through their doors; some cruise companies even offer discounted rates for booking early.


Since this is a boat, you are not allowed to bring much luggage with you compared to when traveling by plane or car. All the more reason you should have your luggage space in your bag packed well so that it does not take up too much room. Make sure you only pack what is necessary for this trip and make sure there is enough room left for snacks and drinks during the journey. Spend some time getting rid of stuff you no longer need before you start packing for this trip, try putting everything in one bag if possible since it will save space once everything is placed together neatly. Pack light but keep in mind that there are special luggage requirements on boats which you will have to follow.

Recommended route

Staying afloat while exploring each country will provide you with a unique perspective of each location visited. Taking this route would mean that Venice will be your very first destination where you will begin your journey through Europe's Adriatic Sea. From here spend 2-3 days in Venice before making way to Zadar which again should take 2-3 days max so you have time to hit the beach, hit up some bars, or take a day trip to nearby islands. 

Next is Dubrovnik, which will be around 3-4 days before making your way towards Kotor, which you can also spend around 3-4 days in. You may opt-out of visiting Montenegro and instead head straight on toward Greece after Kotor, where you will eventually stop at Corfu for 2-3 days before finishing up the rest of the journey. This is just one among many routes that travelers could take across Europe's Adriatic Sea by boat and although this route takes almost 2 weeks it provides enough time to fully experience each location without rushing through them all and missing out on key details. It is recommended to stay as long as possible in each location and only move on once you have seen and done all that can be done.

While it may seem like a lot of time on the sea, not having to fly or drive will save travelers lots of money on plane or train tickets and petrol costs. The Adriatic Sea is a very beautiful part of Europe and it's a shame not many people appreciate it as much as they should. This year take a break from traveling by plane or car and try going for something completely different. The sea provides peace and serenity that cannot be found anywhere else in this world. Being on a boat can make anyone feel like royalty as well since there are multiple fully furnished rooms with beautiful views for everyone to enjoy.