Pearlory Review: Beautiful and Chic Jewelry for Every Style

Pearlory Review: Beautiful and Chic Jewelry for Every Style

Pearlory Review: Beautiful and Chic Jewelry for Every Style

Jewelry can be a great way to personalize your style and really make your outfits pop. However, there is also often a notion that you must pay a lot of money for high-quality, fashionable pieces. Thanks to the rise of online stores specifically for affordable and fashionable accessories, this is now far from true. 

One of the latest of these online specialty stores is Pearlory, a website offering bespoke jewelry items and other accessories. Specifically, Pearlory is a store that attempts to combine the on-trend fashion of higher-end retailers with affordable pricing. This Pearlory jewelry review gives a rundown of their key product offerings, so you can find out whether it is worth your time. 


As a specialist in jewelry, Pearlory naturally has a wide selection of earrings on offer, from bespoke, understated studs to glamorous statement pieces. In terms of earrings, Pearlory truly has all bases covered as far as choice goes, with more intricate and flamboyant designs such as their pink sterling silver hoop earrings and emerald studs being a perfect option for special occasions. Meanwhile, their stud and pearl earrings can be an elegant, subtle way to accessorize your day-to-day outfits. 

Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings

In addition to its earrings collection, Pearlory also stocks a large variety of different styles of bracelets, rings, and necklaces. In terms of style, the store’s rings and necklaces combine a variety of different intricate designs and precious metals.

 When browsing Pearlory’s jewelry collections, one major thing that stands out is how good value the store is, with most of their pieces costing less than $30. You might understandably then be worried about the quality of Pearlory’s jewelry. However, by committing to use high-quality materials, the majority of their pieces are long-lasting and have solid craftsmanship, despite their affordability. Many of them are also gold-plated and thus tarnish-free, meaning they can be easily maintained

Other Accessories

Outside of jewelry, Pearlory offers several different product lines, including fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, scarves, and even mask chains. Particularly, their sunglasses collection stands out. Pearlory offers hundreds of different designs in this category, so you’re sure to be able to find a pair that suits your look. Like with jewelry, Pearlory emphasizes affordability with its apparel, and the majority of their sunglasses can be purchased for $15, although the store does have a minimum spend of $29 before you can access the checkout. One other drawback with Pearlory’s fashion accessories is that choice can be quite limited in comparison to its jewelry selection, so you should take that into account when shopping there. 

Bath and Body Products 

One of the other main product offerings outside of jewelry for Pearlory is their bath and body selection. Available are a variety of artisanal soaps and bath bombs that combine real herbs and flowers for a heavenly effect. Like with their other non-jewelry products, the selection is quite narrow, but as their bath products are so beautiful and well-made, you might still want to take a look, if you are planning to shop with Pearlory anyway.