Netflix for TV Shows and Movies and What It Means to Many of Us

Netflix for TV Shows and Movies and What It Means to Many  of Us

Netflix for TV Shows and Movies and What It Means to Many of Us

Netflix has taken the world by storm because it has provided an alternative and 24/7 way to experience TV shows and movies. They can be streamed whenever we have the desire to watch them. These can be iconic and popular TV shows or movies from the past, present, and future. The past and present by date and the future by type of movie, if futuristic and fantasy is your preferred genre.

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Now let us consider what these TV shows and movies mean to us, whatever experience we are looking for. Whether it is to watch a short half-hour TV show or a full-length movie of an hour and a half and more.

Sharing Our Love of TV shows and Movies

We cannot share the TV show experience inside a cinema because they only offer movies. This is an area where Netflix immediately comes out top compared to its rival. We can watch modern TV shows that have been created specifically for Netflix or enjoy one from yesteryear.

When it comes to movies, we can discuss them with others next to us while we are watching them through Netflix. Whereas, inside a cinema, we have to keep quiet to be considerate to those around us. If the sound and smell of popcorn and other snacks being eaten around you in the cinema annoys you, then you can avoid this by watching a movie at home on Netflix.

Romantic liaisons can be better when there is more privacy. Romantic films like James Cameron’s Titanic represent a popular choice in the romance genre. This version of Titanic is of the sad story that dates back to the liner sinking in the Atlantic in April 1912, but with a romantic twist. Whether history or romance interests you, the film has both covered. This adds to the sadness and makes it into something of a tear-jerker that is on a par with ET returning home in Steven Spielberg’s alien-theme classic dating to 1982. Who does not find the thought of aliens and how they would interact with humans fascinating?

It is healthy to relax and watch movies. They can take us to another place and are an excellent form of escapism.

Certain Years We Remember

Like music, movies will prove to be our link to certain years and events that happened within our lives. For this reason, we love to watch movies from the past that we remember. Okay, we know what happens, but then we know that with James Cameron’s Titanic from 1997. It can only end in one way. With romances, we hope that the ending will be a happy one if we are looking for a movie that will cheer us up. Titanic cleverly combines history and romance despite having a less than upbeat them.

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There is nothing like two famous actors in a movie to keep it interesting to young and old. Many movie careers have lasted a while, and this gives a movie greater longevity. Then when we add in the elements of blockbuster and tear-jerker to the mix, it has global appeal for its content. In Titanic, the sadness relates to Rose, played by Kate Winslet, having to finally release the hand of Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, when it is clear that the cold icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean have overcome him after the RMS Titanic has sunk.


A Choice

Netflix supplies a choice of how we view our TV shows and movies, and everyone likes a choice. We may still go to the cinema with friends one weekend but stay within someone’s home the next. It is a way we can save money when we stay in. We can get a takeaway pizza of our choosing and enjoy the movie that way.

When we go for the stay-at-home option, we can select a movie that everyone enjoys rather than be forced to watch only those showing at the cinema. With cinema viewing, there can be the potential that everyone might not enjoy the experience quite so much. It is good to find that movie, or indeed TV show, that everyone enjoys. The cross-over of genres between many of them should help.

It is worth studying a good TV and movie guide to make sure that we know what movies are out there. If we just know a name, then we can always research online to find out more. We can make sure that it is one everyone will enjoy watching. Netflix is a provider that is enhancing the viewing experience in lots of ways that help their customers.