How to Wear Men’s Yoga Pants Everyday: 5 Rules You Need To Know

How to Wear Men’s Yoga Pants Everyday: 5 Rules You Need To Know

How to Wear Men's Yoga Pants Everyday: 5 Rules You Need To Know

Yoga pants, hate them or love them, you cannot disagree that they look like the comfiest pair of pants that women can just slip on and go about their day with.

But who says the females are the only ones who can enjoy a pair? Male yoga pants are the hottest clothing item to date for men!

So don’t be shocked to see men in yoga pants in your neighborhood because they are just the best dupe for mens workout tights or compression workout pants. So why not join in the fun and grab yourself a pair too!

There's no question that men's workout tights for yoga are comfortable and versatile. But how do you wear them every day without looking like you're trying too hard? Here are five simple rules to follow:

Buy a pair that gives you both comfort and support

Yoga pants aren’t just about the look, and the looks you will be getting while wearing a pair. When buying yourself a pair of yoga pants you need to consider two important things: Comfort and Support

Yoga pants are essentially the best compression leggings for men that can be worn for everyday use. This is why the functionality of these pants should always be considered when buying a pair for yourself.

Second, comfort. Compression in general may not be something most people would like to feel when wearing clothes, so do take note that these male yoga pants are meant to hug you down there.

And take note, hug, not constrict! Make sure the pair you get yourself won't constrict blood flow on your legs and tights, while at the same time giving you enough support and compression to go about with your everyday. 

Wear long tops

Let's face it, unlike when girls wear yoga pants, men in yoga pants will mean there will be some bulging here and there that may or may not make you uncomfortable wearing a men’s yoga outfit out in public or just in general.

But to combat this easily is to wear a top that goes beyond your crotch and bum. These will surely cover what needs to be covered until you work up the confidence to show off what you got!

But in the meantime, opt for t-shirts that are a bit longer, or hoodies that will cover you up to your bum and forefront. These will surely help you get used to wearing a pair of men’s yoga pants!

Wear them as everyday pants not just for working out

Another way to get used to the idea of wearing yoga pants or men’s yoga tights is to wear them for everyday lounging and not just for working out.

Yoga pants shouldn’t just be worn for yoga or physical activity, they are made for everyday use too! Think of it this way, how many times have you worn a pair of pants or shorts and they just didn’t help out with the activities you need to do throughout the day? Sometimes they’re not even that comfortable, right? The sudden need to lift or carry shopping bags or groceries, your dog needs to be walked, then you need to squeeze in a quick workout in between–at times your shorts or worse, your denim pants just won’t cut it! 

In these instances, male yoga pants would be the best fashion choice–just the right mix of casual and athletic everyday wear with a purpose and function to support your movements. So next time you go out for errands or with friends or even just lounging around at home, slap on your pair of male yoga pants and let your legs and tights get the TLC they need while you go about with your day!

Keep it simple: Wear or style them casually

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As much as male yoga pants or men’s workout tights may not be the normal everyday wear for men, as compared to a pair of gym shorts or some old denim jeans, you can still make them a staple in your wardrobe!

The best way to do this is to pair them with a casual shirt or t-shirt rather than going for loud or bright clothes. The key here is to just make them another go-to choice between your favorite pair of gym shorts and jeans.

So go ahead and pair them with a casual or basic shirt and go on with your day! Aside from getting used to wearing them, styling them casually will also get other people on board with the trend after they see how easy it actually is to style a pair of mens yoga pants!

Confidence is Key

Like we’ve said, Men in yoga pants aren’t a normal thing to see every day. But who is to say that you can’t wear a pair, right?

So after you’ve gone with wearing long tops to hide your bulge and bum, and wearing them casually to blend in. Try wearing them with all the confidence you have, in order to not just get used to them but to continue this amazing trend of yoga pants for men!

So next time you go out, wear them just like any regular pair of bottoms you would have in your closet and just go about with your everyday routine and errands. And who knows you could be getting questions here and there and where you got yourself a pair!

After all, who said that women can only be the ones to wear a pair, right?


Men’s yoga pants are a new must and staple for all the guys out there. Think of it, you get the comfort and support of yoga pants, while being able to go about with your day and not think of having to change or bring an extra pair of clothes just for working out.

The best men’s yoga tights bring in the ease and convenience that women get when they wear yoga pants, but this time for men! They’re not just great for lounging but you can also have the best compression tights for crossfit or any other exercise. In other words, men’s yoga outfit have the best compression leggings for men.

Give your lower half the comfort and support it needs by buying yourself a pair of great and comfortable yoga pants that will last you and help you go through with your everyday routine!