How To Wear a Maxi Skirt With Style

How To Wear a Maxi Skirt With Style

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt With Style

Style doesn’t always have to be complicated. Have you considered maxi skirts? Maxi skirts are the “it” factor in the closet of most women nowadays. They are great options for your next fashion statement — with very minimal effort. Whether you are planning a long skirt outfit for fall or a short skirt ensemble for summer, the options are endless for what you can do with a maxi skirt. 

The information below is meant to provide you with additional insight into the different types of maxi skirts available to all shopaholics and equip you with the best styling options.

Types of Maxi Skirts

While many may not know this, there are several different styles of maxi skirts. Each skirt is made from different materials, but they also have different lengths, prints, styles, patterns, and overall looks. Some of the different types of maxi skirts include:

  • Culotte: Culotte maxi skirts are generally longer, flowing skirts. Although you can find short culotte skirts, one thing is for sure — they are always made from light, flowing fabrics. Culotte skirts can be worn in both casual and formal settings;
  • Broomstick: Broomstick maxi skirts are long, loose-fitting skirts. The length often sits somewhere between the ankle to the floor. They have a more casual look, and at a distance, they can appear wrinkly because of their narrow pleat widths, but they can also be dressed up;
  • Mermaid: Mermaid maxi skirts are most commonly a more mid-length skirt that is perfect for a formal setting like the office or at a fancy dinner event. Think of them like you would imagine a mermaid tail — narrow (form-fitting) at the hips and then flared at the bottom;
  • Circular: Circular maxi skirts are the same length all the way around. The skirt itself appears the same no water which direction you are looking at it. They are generally a more formal option and they have a more vintage appearance to them;
  • High-Low: High-low maxi skirts are exactly what they sound like. The skirt is higher in the front than the back. Although these are most commonly mid to long skirts, you can find some options above the knee. They are perfect for a casual outing with friends, but they could also be used in a more intimate, formal setting;
  • Bell-Shaped: Bell-shaped maxi skirts have a bell appearance from all angles. They come in a variety of different styles, although they are frequently on the shorter side. The creased design helps make it perfect for formal and casual settings;
  • Gypsy: Gypsy maxi skirts are long and flowing skirts. They are similar to broomstick maxi skirts, but instead of vertical pleats, the gypsy skirts have horizontal tiered designs. They are on the informal side of things;
  • A-Line: A-line maxi skirts are more on the fancy side of the skirt spectrum. They are generally knee-length or longer. They are tight-fitting at the hips and they widen as it goes down;
  • Flared: Flared maxi skirts are similar to both broomstick and gypsy skirts. They are flowing, baggy designs with lightweight materials. They are great for lounging, a casual gathering, or even a Sunday church service. Note that any type of skirt that is tighter at the top and gradually flares out can be considered a “flared” maxi skirt.

10 Maxi Skirts Pairings Made in Heaven

There is no “wrong” way to style a maxi skirt, per se. But some pairings will help you flaunt your maxi skirt and turn heads. Many think that maxi skirts are only for tall women with long legs, but that’s not the case. Maxi skirts are great options for all. Below are some of the best ways to style them.

1. Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of the most “in” within the fashion industry. From tight-fitting and tucked-in, to loose and tied in a knot on your hip, pair your favorite tank top with long or short, tight or loose-fitting maxi skirts.

2. Belts

Belts are a great accessory for any sort of outfit. Whether they are rope, chain, leather, flowing, big-buckled, or rhinestone, put your favorite belt across your waist for a seamless transition from your top to your skirt.

3. Heels

The type of shoe that you wear is critical to your entire ensemble. From wedges to stilettos, you can never go wrong with a heel when it comes to your maxi skirt — especially for longer skirts that go all the way to the floor. 

4. Scarves

Sticking with a theme of light and flowy, scarves can be the perfect accessory to go alongside your maxi skirt. There are infinity, chiffon, wool, cashmere, pashmina, or a shawl, there is no shortage of scarf options to spice up your maxi skirt combo.

5. Tanks and T-Shirts

Tank tops and t-shirts are the perfect pairings for a casual or vintage appearance. A band t with a denim skirt or a tucked-in tank top with a flared skirt can be the perfect summer combination to keep you cool and fashionable.

6. Sweaters

Sweaters are one of the staples of the fashion industry right now. In the words of Vogue, “it’s big, baggy sweater season.” So grab your go-to oversized sweater and pair it with your favorite maxi skirt for the ultimate boho-chic look.  

7. Jackets

Adding your favorite peacoat, trenchcoat, leather, jean, or fur jacket can be the perfect complement to the perfect maxi skirt. This is ideal for when things get colder, or simply to add layers and contrast to your outfit.

8. Blouses

Pairing your maxi skirt with your favorite flowing or form-fitting blouse is the perfect duo to head to the office or go to a dinner party in. Whether a slip-over or a button-up, this can help you transition from casual to formal in seconds.

9. Denim

You can never go wrong with denim. Whether light or dark-wash, denim can be the best option — especially on cooler evenings. Although we said you can never go wrong, if you choose to go with the denim maxi skirt option, you should consider leaving any other denim in the wardrobe to avoid the Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears red carpet, matching denim catastrophe in 2001. 

10. Sets

Some maxi skirts conveniently come with a matching top to simplify your back and forth with what top to wear. While it’s totally fine to switch it up or add layers for variance, maxi skirt sets are in and ready to drop jaws.