How to Rock Denim During Pregnancy

How to Rock Denim During Pregnancy

How to Rock Denim During Pregnancy

If you have gotten the happy news that you are pregnant and expecting a little bundle of joy soon, then shopping for maternity clothes is likely high on your list. 

Of all the essentials that you will need, one of the must-have while pregnant is quality denim maternity wear. And luckily, thoughtfully curated maternity wear from Hatch does just that.

It will not be long into your pregnancy that you soon realize your normal pair of jeans are not supportive of your growing belly. But luckily, you do not have to stick with non-pregnancy denim during the next nine months. In fact, there are many options when it comes to denim maternity wear—from leggings to blazers and even dresses.

We totally get that denim is an important part of many women’s daily wardrobe. So in no way would we want you to give that up and all of a sudden lose a part of your identity. That is why we have tapped into all the top celebrity stylists who have helped their client's rock denim during their own pregnancies. 

So take the advice from the stars and check out all the tips and tricks on how to keep denim in your everyday attire for the next nine months.

Quality Over Quantity

Similar to when you were not pregnant, you do not need a million different pairs of jeans. Instead, all you really need is just one or two quality pairs of denim jeans made for maternity to get you through pregnancy.

 If you are short, go for skinny and straight jeans. If you are taller, go for the more flared and hourglass-shaped jeans that flaunt your curves. And regardless, make sure that the waistband is elastic, flexible and comfortable. You want your baby bump to feel supported, not squished.

The Denim Dress

Maternity dresses are super important to invest in. Not only do they help you feel comfortable and regulate airflow a bit better, but they make putting an outfit together easy. Chances are that you will have many moments during your pregnancy where you really just want comfort and to pick an outfit that is easy yet still trendy. 

The denim dress is the perfect go-to for those very occasions. Not only does this one-piece ensemble create a complete look, but allows you to have lots of fun with layering and accessories too. This type of dress works great for all seasons and for all stages of your pregnancy.

The Denim Top

Equally important and stylish is having a comfortable denim top during your nine months of growing a baby inside of you. The denim top adds a level of sophistication and elegance, allowing you to feel stylish while not feeling constricted. It is a super easy top that works great with denim jeans, black leggings, over a maternity dress or with a skirt. The choice really is yours.

Plus, similar to the denim dress, the denim top is a piece that has room to evolve and change based on the type of accessories you decide to pair with it. For example, long gold hoop earrings work just as great as an oversized cowboy hat!

The Denim Jacket

Every wardrobe needs a denim jacket. And the same applies to when you are building out your maternity collection. There are many different types of denim jackets you can consider getting for yourself, but it is important to really factor in a denim jacket that is flexible with the fabric and equally keeps you warm.

You will want the jacket to have some wiggle room so you can layer it over other pieces in your maternity collection. And equally, the denim jacket is something you can rock when you are going for a casual day look or a glammed-up evening look.

The Mommy Skinny Jeans

Now, of all the types of denim jeans you can invest in, we recommend getting the pair that is specifically designed for expecting mothers. The thoughtful designs that focus on supporting the baby bump while equally enhancing blood flow in your legs will ensure that you absolutely love wearing this item of clothing. Ideally, the cut will be wide-legged and straight.

But all you really need is just one pair of mommy skinny jeans to get you through your pregnancy journey. And often they can be as comfortable, if not more so, than your leggings.

The Overalls

Another classic staple for expecting moms who want to rock the denim look is to wear the staple overalls. This outfit really completes itself, with all you need to do is to find the right t-shirt to wear underneath or sweatshirt to layer on top.

Denim overalls will give you that cute mommy vibe and let you really feel casual and comfortable all at once. Best of all, you can layer it all up so that you do not have to worry about getting too cold or too hot. You can even play around with rolling up the pant legs and play around with the footwear you pair it all with. 

The Denim Accessories

Of course, you can not forget to rock the denim accessories as well. One of the best ones to flaunt is the denim purse or clutch. These tend to come in all shapes and sizes, with some having a simple style and others having a much more complex one. Regardless of what one you decide to rock, it will instantly elevate any outfit you are wearing for the day.


Denim is something that every woman should have in their wardrobe—including expecting mothers! While there are some denim clothes that are simply not maternity friendly, there are actually more options than ever before thanks to the innovativeness of maternity clothing brands that care about making women feel beautiful.

 From denim dresses to denim jeans, expecting mothers will be able to have denim maternity wear that supports them through every stage of pregnancy. So pick out your favorite denim pieces and enjoy how comfortable it is to feel supported in your favorite pair of blue jeans!