How To Pick the Right Hairbrush for Your Hair Type

How To Pick the Right Hairbrush for Your Hair Type

Chances are, the products you apply to your luscious locks received careful attention and additional research. But if you look at your hairbrush, did it go through the same mindful steps? The type of brush you use can make or break your hair, even after you spent all that time finding the best products. 

If you’re experiencing continued fuss with your locks even after investing in the best shampoo, conditioner, and leave-ins, turn to your tools. Let’s look at how to pick the right hairbrush for your hair type and settle the fussiness once and for all.

Fine to Medium 

Though fine to medium hair is typically easier to maintain, it’s also at a higher risk of damage and breakage due to its brittle nature. A boar-bristle brush is truly the gold standard for this hair type. The design of the bristles will distribute natural oils throughout the length of your hair and remove any excess debris from your strands.

Fine to medium hair is also often more prone to knotting. To prevent tangles, brush your hair with a boar-bristle brush in the morning and before bed. 

Medium to Thick 

A mixed-bristle brush offers the best of both worlds for medium to thick hair. A mix between boar and nylon bristles offers the most benefit. The nylon quills will detangle locks, while the boar bristles will distribute natural hair oils and smooth over the cuticle. 

Very Thick to Coarse 

Some thick hair can tolerate boar bristles, but very thick to coarse hair requires a brush with more substantial control. A full nylon-bristled brush offers more control through strokes, and it can also preserve hair health. 


If you have curly hair, picking the right hairbrush for your hair type can be especially difficult. Some people say you can’t brush curly hair, while others are terrified of the frizzy mess they’ll have to deal with if they don’t. With a wood brush, you can set your worry aside. These unique brushes offer a gentle stroke that won’t separate curls or produce excess static.