How to Pick a Bathroom Mirror: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

How to Pick a Bathroom Mirror: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

How to Pick a Bathroom Mirror: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Looking for a new mirror to adorn your bathroom wall? A mirror is more than a literal reflection of your likeness.  Think of your next mirror as a style piece that can anchor even the smallest bathroom.

Read on to learn how to pick a bathroom mirror!

Consider the Optimal Mirror Location

Hanging a mirror above your bathroom vanity is a logical choice. But you can tuck mirrors into other well-lit parts of your bathroom, too. If you do go with a mirror above the vanity, do some measuring first.

For a clean and symmetrical look, choose a mirror that is the same width as your vanity. For wide vanities with multiple sinks, consider hanging a mirror above each space. You may be able to cut costs and you can give each sink a unique feel!

Avoid putting mirrors on walls in alcoves or other areas that don't get much light. And, of course, stay away from hanging one above the commode!

Look at Framed and Frameless Mirrors

To frame or not to frame? Ditching frames can soften the presence of a mirror in your bathroom. While that works in some spaces, in others you might want the mirror to be the artwork.

Gilded frames create an antique, Victorian aura that can complement patterned wallpaper. Distressed barn wood frames can tie into a shabby chic look throughout your home.

A frameless full-length mirror on a door is a great place to check your workweek style. Add a beveled edge to soften its presence. And for help installing bathroom mirrors, visit this website for info!

Pick a Bathroom Mirror Shape

Do you want angles or curves? A rectangular mirror is always a classic choice, and it suits a more modern space with understated finishes. By contrast, curves can add a vintage flair and sense of movement.

Oval shapes or dome shapes will inject some warmth if the rest of your bathroom seems cold. Embellish one of these shapes with a metallic frame to create a statement piece.

Quirky custom mirrors in starburst or organic shapes will pack a punch, too. Place one on a blue accent wall for a playful touch!

Compare Bathroom Mirror Styles

Look at the impact of small and large mirrors, too. You can create a wall of small, uniquely-framed mirrors for a whimsical vibe. Mix and match frame styles and group them to form one larger shape on the wall.

For a crisp and modern look, stick with one large mirror that covers an entire wall. Start comparing mirror prices while you're at it.

For shoppers on a tight budget, secondhand stores can be a goldmine! You can modify existing old frames with paint, stick-and-peel tiles, or gold leaf.

Find the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom

Pick a bathroom mirror that adds style and function to your space. Go frameless to create a minimalist vibe that suits a monochrome space. And consider shape, size, and placement before making a purchase.

Find more tips to brighten your home. Check back for fresh and informative articles!