How to Make Shoes More Comfortable

How to Make Shoes More Comfortable

How to Make Shoes More Comfortable

If you are like people, you also wear shoes that aren't necessarily the most comfortable. You may even experience pain in your feet, toes, or heels after wearing them for a while. 

In this blog post, we'll give you some tips on how to make your shoes more comfortable – so you can feel better when you're out and about. Keep reading for more information.

Tips to make your shoes super comfortable:

You wear them every day, so you might as well make sure your shoes are as comfortable as possible! Here are some tips to help you achieve maximum comfort levels for your feet. 

Happy walking!

Check the shoe’s size and width

The best way to ensure that your boots remain comfortable is to wear the appropriate size and width shoes. This is obvious appropriate fitment means more comfort. 

You may think you are getting the right size like many of us, but over half of adults wear shoes of the wrong length or width.

Here we recommend you to measure your feet before buying any footwear so that you can get the right size. Even if you have measured your feet before, measure it again as size and foot’s shape with the time. 

If you don't know your correct shoe size, we will advise you to seek help from the sales person at the store.

Use Moisture Wicking and Comfortable Socks

Wondering how you can make your shoes more relaxed and comfortable, especially when working out or spending time outdoors in hot and humid conditions? We recommend you to get moisture-wicking socks as they can make a massive difference. 

Usually, cotton and woolen are well-known when it comes to sweat absorption and moisture and keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

Moisture-wicking socks include synthetic materials which transfer the dampness and moisture to the outer layers. 

At the same time, some socks come treated to fight bad odors and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Use Comfortable work Boots.

There are so many reasons why it's important to wear comfortable work boots. Obviously, you want to be safe and protect your feet while you're working, but there are other benefits as well. 

A good pair of work boots can make a big difference in your comfort level and how productive you are. So the best way to ensure optimum comfort is to use the best comfortable work boots.

Try Deodorant

You can turn your uncomfortable shoes into comfortable shoes by using deodorant on your feet. Yes, this is another handy way. 

The reason is also simple deodorants and Antiperspirants efficiently block sweat ducts, and soak up moisture while decreasing body odors. 

Applying deodorant to your feet can also help reduce slippage and chafing and keep your feet safe from blisters and other uncomfortable foot conditions.

Furthermore, powdered formulas and products are also effective when it comes to comfort. You can even use baby powder for this purpose. 

Jut pour the powder over the foot’s surface, and it will absorb moisture while minimizing rubbing and chafing.

Use Shoe Stretchers

Shoe stretchers help significantly when you are trying to break in your shoes. If you use flats, loafers, dress shoes, pumps, or leather work sneakers and you think they are a bit tight, these little gadgets will help to expand the material. 

Keep in mind that most shoes adopt the foot’s shape, and using a stretcher can help you a lot and give you a head start.

Tape Your Toes

If you spend most of the standing on concrete or other hard surfaces, taping your toes can make your shoes and feet more comfortable. 

This might look a bit awkward, but this hack works, especially if you like to wear high heels and heeled booties.

Remember that there are a ton of nervous joints with the ball of your foot, and the nerves can become inflamed when you stand or walk wearing your shoes. This can also cause irritation between your second and third toes. 

Taping your toes can help alleviate some of the tension and keep you comfortable. You can use any tape for this purpose, but masking tape or athletic tape works well.

Try to Use Orthotic Inserts

Footbeds are a vital part of your shoes, and they directly impact comfort, especially when you are standing, walking around, or working out. 

Closed-toe shoes usually come with removable insoles, also known as footbeds. If you want maximum comfort from your boots, we recommend you get orthotic shoe inserts from

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Try Heel Grips

Heel grips are also a kind of shoe insert, but instead of placing in the shoe’s footbed, they are usually stacked into the back of the heel at the point where the Achilles tendon meets the shoe. 

Heel grips are often made of moleskin, gel, or thin cushioning material and make your shoes much more comfortable. If you’re still thinking about how you can make shoes more comfortable and they do not hurt your heels, we recommend nothing but the heel grips as these are a great solution.

Furthermore, some shoes come with padded heels, but they might leave your feet hanging and can cause irritations, discomfort, blisters, calluses, and severe heel pain. However, when you have the appropriate pair of heel grips, you will not face these issues.

In the End

So, now you know how to make your shoes more comfortable. Just follow our simple tips, and you’ll be able to wear your favorite pair all day long without any pain or discomfort! We hope you found this handy and comprehensive guide helpful. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know. Thanks for reading!