How to Choose A Scent that Fits Your Fashion Style

How to Choose A Scent that Fits Your Fashion Style

How to Choose A Scent that Fits Your Fashion Style

Have you ever smelled a scent that unleashes a floodgate of memories and feelings? Experts agree that our sense of smell is permanently linked to emotion and memories. But, there’s a third scent link as well: fashion.

The reality is that the perfume you wear can either clash with your outfit or complement it. So, how do you go about picking a scent that fits your fashion style?

In this article, we’ll walk you through some great fashion and scent combinations. That way, you can start finding scents that match the way you look and feel. Let’s get started!

Match Floral Scents With Flower Patterns

If you have a lot of dresses or shirts with floral designs, this tip is a bit of a no-brainer.

There are plenty of perfumes out there that emulate the smell of flowers. Bonus points if you’re able to match the scent style with the specific flower on your clothing.

Pair Bright Colors With Bold Scents

If you’re wearing an outfit with bright colors, you’re already standing out from the crowd around you. You should look for matchfragrances.co.uk as they have a variety of bold and potent perfumes.

It’s even better if you can match the scent with the bright color you’re wearing. For example, a bright orange dress would pair beautifully with citrus perfumes. Or, a bright blue dress works nicely with water scents.

Have Day Scents and Night Scents

It’s important to divide your perfumes into day scents and night scents. The time of day plays a big factor in what you’re wearing. The same should be true of the fragrances you put on.

During the day, you want scents that you enjoy. Look for subtle, relaxing fragrances. However, during the night you want to make a statement. That means perfumes that feel sexy, bold, and attention-grabbing.

Fresh Scents for Linen

If you wear a lot of linens, you want to look for scents that evoke images of freshness. For example, fragrances that smell like clean laundry are a great option for this.

Or, perfumes that evoke the beach or fields. Anything soft and comfortable like the linens you’re wearing.

Know Where to Buy Perfume

If you’re serious about matching your scent with your style you’re going to need a lot of different perfumes to play with. Dougsdojo has a comprehensive range of the latest perfumes & body fragrances from all the top brands.

One solution is to find sites that allow you to buy wholesale perfume. That way, you can get quality scents at a discount. Meaning you’ll have more feminine scents to pair with specific outfits.

Enjoy Learning About Scents and Fashion Style? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you find some scents that match your fashion style. It’s important to remember that finding the perfect scent for your look can take some time. It involves a lot of trial and error.

So, keep experimenting until you find a combination that just feels right. Can’t get enough content? Keep reading to find more just like this one.