How to buy perfect lingerie for your body type: Tips for Buying Lingerie

How to buy perfect lingerie for your body type: Tips for Buying Lingerie

How to buy perfect lingerie for your body type: Tips for Buying Lingerie

We should be proud, confident, and comfortable with our bodies since every woman is uniquely beautiful. But practically speaking, when it comes to undergarments and lingerie not everything will suit our body.  Therefore, women's bodies are categorized into five types depending on their shoulder, waist, and hips.

These types have nothing to do with weight. If you buy lingerie that will suit your body type you will look better and feel comfortable in your bedroom, regardless of it being a BDSM lingerie set, a garter belt, or a corset. Some of the lingerie do not suit us because we buy them based on celebrity styles and the latest trends.

If you are wondering how many types of lingerie’s are there and which ones suit your body type, then no worries. To help you look amazing in your lingerie here is a complete guideline on how to buy perfect lingerie for your body type.

What is lingerie

Lingerie is a special treat that every woman deserves whether you're married or not. It may seem to be a tiny piece of cloth with colors, design, but it makes you feel good, confident, and happy about yourself.

Following are some of the common types of lingerie

  • Bustier

Bustier enhances the breast by pushing it upwards at the same time giving the waist a smoother look. It is an excellent choice for women with smaller breasts.

  • Corset

The purpose of the corset has been evolving with the time once it was used to give a smoother look to the waist. In recent times it gives a seductive look as it sits below the chest and extends down the hip.

  • Teddy

It is one-piece lingerie similar to a bathing suit. Available in leather, lace, and net material with different cuts and styling.

  • Garter belt

It is also known as a suspender belt. A belt wraps around the waist made up of lace or other delicate material. If you desire a more seductive and bold look then you can wear a garter belt in leather material.

  • Baby doll

It is a perfect choice for inverted triangle body shapes. Women with broad shoulders can wear this type of lingerie since it flattens the shoulders. The skirt balances the lower half creating a cute yet sexy look.

  • Negligees

It was introduced in France in the 18th century. It is a sexy alternative to warm dressing gowns. Under this gown, you can wear your favorite lingerie to give a seductive and flirty look.

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Lingerie for different body types

  • Lingerie for triangle body shape

The big bust is the talk of the town right now that is exactly what triangle body shape is. People with triangle body shapes have wider hips than the shoulder. This type of body looks appropriate and well-balanced.

For a triangle shaped body, a bustier is a good option bringing attention to your breast. You can also try a lacy negligee which is fitted at the breast and flows down the hips.

If you desire to level your shoulder and hips then you can try a bandeau bra or a ruffled bra with matching panties.

  • Lingerie for hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape has stereotypical 36-24-36 figure measurements. It is considered a perfect body shape since shoulders and hips have the same width with a slim waistline.

Every type of lingerie looks perfect on this type of body. However, teddies, garter belts, corsets are the best choices for this type of body. With such a body you can also try a thong with a lace bra.

  • Lingerie for inverted triangle body shape

If you flip the triangle upside down, that inverted triangle body shape is all about broad shoulders, a large bust, and a narrow waistline and hips. For such a body shape, a teddy will look extra hot. It will make your shoulders look slim and will give a sexy and confident look.

You can wear simple or lace bras, your panties should have some frills or ruffles in them to balance your body shape.

  • Lingerie for rectangle body shape

Rectangle body people have an athletic figure without any defined curves. For such a body you will need something that fits the best, therefore, a corset is a good choice. They create curves giving a hot sensuous look.

You can enhance your breasts by using bustier lingerie or wearing push-up bras. If you own a long torso, a teddy or garter belt will also look amazing on you.

  • Lingerie for apple body shape

The apple has a large bust and wide hips. Apple body shape people have curves in the right places and most lingerie enhances your favorite body parts. You can try shape wear to create a smooth sexy look by enhancing your curves.

You can also try a baby doll or corset as a secret weapon to draw attention to your long legs and bust. You can also wear a matching set that looks attractive bringing attention towards the whole body rather than just some specific parts.


No matter what body shape you own, what lingerie you wear, it is not the clothes but you're confident which makes you attractive. Every woman is beautiful in her own skin and body type. Your self-love and confidence are what make you unbearably attractive.