How Designers can Use LinkedIn to Attract More Clients

How Designers can Use LinkedIn to Attract More Clients

How Designers can Use LinkedIn to Attract More Clients

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform that connects nearly 800 million global members to share thoughts, collaborate better, find new opportunities, and grow together.

Designers also leverage this digital platform to connect with like minds and attract new clients like any other community. Hence, if you are a designer and want to use LinkedIn for freelancing or getting clients, you have landed on the right webpage as we guide all such individuals.

LinkedIn can offer you leads, after which you can send your resume and get work. To ensure an impactful impression on the prospect, we recommend you make separate sections for key and technical skills on resume.

But first, let us see how you can leverage LinkedIn as a designer to attract more clients:

Make a Professional Profile

To start getting business over LinkedIn, you need to create a professional profile. You need to ensure that your profile on LinkedIn is search-optimized, professional, and client-focused.

The most effective measure of making a search-optimized LinkedIn profile is adding profile-centric keywords and work experience. Do not write anything and try to be profile-centric as much as possible.

Identify Your Targets

You can generate quality leads if you can identify your target market. You can use LinkedIn’s search console and search with industry-specific keywords.

You will find many groups and people in your targeted market niche. You can connect with them, make allies and talk professionally in community groups.

Connect With Them

Connect with professionals working at different levels in designing. For example, we recommend you connect with HRs, VPs, UI/UX Designers, Business Owners, CEOs, web designers, app designers etc. You can connect  with these people in two ways:

  • By using the LinkedIn search console
  • By community groups at LinkedIn

Showcase Your Work Via Post or Messages

Now, try to showcase your previous work to your new connections. However, we do not recommend bluntly sending them links or work samples. You can showcase your work in two ways:

  • Via General Posting

General posting is the basic methodology in which you upload an image of your previous design work and post it with a caption and live link.

  • Via Personal Messages

Start a conversation with your new connections and see if they are hiring a designer or have some work to collaborate on. Then you can showcase your work via personal message.

Send General Greetings

To keep the connection strong and effective, we recommend sending general greeting messages on festivals or birthdays of your connection.

These messages will give them a personal touch and might push your relationship to another level where you can explore new opportunities.

Engage With Them on Community Groups

Talk and discuss with your connection on community groups. This action will strengthen your bonding with these connections and might get you new opportunities. Apart from this, many groups on LinkedIn provide freelance work. You can join those groups too for getting new clients and design work.

Key Takeaways

Take a quick review of this article by checking out these below-given points:

  • Make a profile and ensure that it is search-optimized, professional, and client-focused
  • Identify your targets and market niche to get strong leads
  • Use the LinkedIn search bar to find similar profile centric people and connect with them
  • Showcase your work via LinkedIn posts or personal messages
  • Send general greetings on special occasions like festivals or birthdays
  • Engage with people in community groups to get more connections and even strong leads

These steps will help you use LinkedIn to attract more clients and get more work. LinkedIn is a professional platform, and you will get millions of professional people there. All you need is a good approach and a strong work portfolio to get clients.