Cruelty-Free Ways To Add Luxury To Travel Lifestyle

Cruelty-Free Ways To Add Luxury To Travel Lifestyle

Cruelty-Free Ways To Add Luxury To Travel Lifestyle

Beautifying our travel experience is something all of us take great pride in, but does it match your lifestyle? If you’re a vegan or believe in sustainable living, choosing decor options for your camping cabin that are nature-friendly must be at the top of your list. Not too long ago, using animal skins, fur, and products around your home was considered a true wealth status. However, many are beginning to realize that living cruelty-free is far more luxurious. Contrary to what most people may perceive, living in opulence doesn’t have to involve any animal products. This blog will show you in five ways how you can, too, create a beautiful space to camp in with the sustainable and consciously produced decor.

  • Your groundwork is essential: One of the most sought-out decor options that speak of the high fashion lifestyle you seek is soft flooring. Choosing the right material to cover the hardwood floors of a travel cabin can change the entire setup. Buying rustic carpets and rugs will add more texture to the space, especially if you’re on the go. There are many vegan alternatives to wool rugs and carpets in the market. You can search for sisal, jute, seagrass, bamboo, or hemp carpets. These natural and non-toxic pieces celebrate natural tones and minimalist textures while being hard-wearing enough to resist damage.
  • Pay attention to soft furnishing decor: Soft furnishings comprise pillows, duvets, blankets, and comforters. The best vegan alternative is to find faux fur blankets, microfiber pillows, and duvets you can camp in. These blankets tend to be luxe and also have multiple purposes. Be it an outdoor camping session or a cool evening indoors, they add an extra layer of coziness. Not only are these warm and comforting, but they also stay plush for much longer.
  • Invest in authentic vegan furniture: Animal skin and leather furniture may have been the status quo for a luxurious display of wealth. But today, ecologically friendly homeowners have switched to vegan furnishings that are even more beautiful. Sustainable and available in several textures, these look stunning when decorating your travel van. Found in every color, you can choose the accent print and woven fabric if you’re not keen on having vegan leather settees or foldable bedding for your cabin.
  • Detect the problem areas: While we spend so much time becoming conscious consumers, we don’t pay attention to the problematic aspects. Instead of micro-focusing on everything. Ensure that the products that are used in your home are all provided by vegan brands, several of which are applauded for their award-winning products.
  • Upcycle and recycle: Upcycling is an art that we all ought to learn in this decade. Taking a page out of the book called minimalism, luxury also means responsibility. When you can find a different use of products and decor, upcycle them into DIY items that you can proudly use.

Wrapping Up:

It is entirely possible to have a stunning travel aesthetic and yet boast all-natural and cruelty-free products adorning the living space. If you’re a believer in luxury not being at the expense of other beings, we hope you enjoyed our blog.