Couples: How to Travel Differently

Couples: How to Travel Differently

Couples: How to Travel Differently

When we think of traveling with our Plus One, the first thing that comes to mind are romantic destinations. But after a while, the need for something different shows up and it may be hard to find out what that could be, if we don’t know what is available. Here are two ideas that we think can really turn your next couple vacation into something unique.

  • Try Camping Holidays

If you have never thought of camping holidays for couples, you will be surprised by all the advantages that they offer. What do we expect the most from our vacations? To be taken away from our day-to-day life, for a while. That is exactly what camping holidays do. There is never a dull moment, once you arrive at your destination. First, you will be showed to your exclusive mobile-home, where you will be staying. Don’t be fooled! These small houses are of a higher quality, with some of them even owning the ultimate rank of 5-stars accommodations. Inside, the couple will benefit from all the privacy it needs, to spend romantic moments alone.

During the day, the numerous activities offered on camp ground, will have the couple moving from the pool complex, where they can swim or play in the water, to the climbing wall or one of the various sport courts. Bikes can be rented to go out for a ride, so you can visit all the attractions located near by. Food will never be an issue either, with restaurants on site. In the evening, various concerts are presented, before the couple dances the night away. This is definitely the kind of fun memory the two of you will wants to make, as often as possible.

  • Holidays spent in Unusual Locations

If the couple needs a little element of surprise in their lives, then finding an unusual location for another holiday, can also be a great solution to bring new energy. Although it won’t be as entertaining as camping, it can be really great for a quick getaway. A good example is an ice hotel. If you have never heard about them, imagine walking into a location where everything is made of ice (well, almost). It starts with the reception desk, and it continues with the bar, the chairs, and even the furniture inside the bedroom. All this cold will definitely bring the couple closer together, to warm themselves.

Another idea that can bring back the youth in the two of you, is to go live in a tree house for a few days. Not all of us, when we were kids, had the chance to have one in our backyard. They remain like movie scenes in our mind, magical and intimate, yet never fulfilled. Maybe the time is now, after all, no matter how old you are. You can get to spend time in comfortable accommodations, in the middle of a forest. Again, this is mostly for a few nights, but when you need a week-end off, just the two of you, sleeping in a treehouse might just be what you need.