Cheap airport parking with these tips

Cheap airport parking with these tips

Cheap airport parking with these tips

If you are currently planning your next getaway abroad and want to drive to the airport, you will know that airport parking isn't cheap, especially for long trips. Actually, there are lots of ways you can make big savings on the cost of airport parking. How to accomplish that? Well, read on.

Compare and book airport parking prices online

Some airport websites as well as official parking and comparison websites offer special deals throughout the year. The latter allows you to compare prices for the time of month and company, which can help you to make big savings. When you book for example  your parking at Liverpool Airport in advance, you can rest assured you won’t be surprised by higher-than-normal rates. Plus, lots of parking facilities offer discounts on advance bookings and early bird specials, especially when you book online.

Possibilities of cheap airport parking

If you are looking for the lowest possible price, the cheapest airport parking options are normally off-airport, open air, park and ride car parks as well as meet and greet car parks. These are lots that are not affiliated with the airport and are usually a short drive away from the airport. 

Park and Ride

With most off-site airport parking you self-park your car, therefore being able to hold on to your keys. Once you have parked your vehicle, a shuttle bus will transfer you to the airport. Upon your return, the shuttle service takes you back to the parking lot. This service is usually included in the parking fee. With shuttle parking, you know exactly where your car is parked during your trip. Depending on the offer, it may also be possible to choose between covered and uncovered parking spaces. 

Meet and Greet

It is not only cheaper than on-site parking, it is also the quickest and easiest way to park at the airport. You simply drop off your car at a designated parking lot and hand out your keys at a meet and greet reception. A staff member will park your vehicle for you. No need for you therefore to navigate your way around a car park hunting for space. The downside being that while you are away your car might be moved if needed. It isn't necessarily an issue, but it is something to weigh up if you would rather have peace of mind over price.

What are the advantages of alternative parking spaces at the airport?

There are a number of benefits off-site airport parking offers:

  • saving money
  • reservation of parking spot
  • personal assistance
  • meet and greet service as well as park and ride service
  • security

Saving money

Off-site parking is cheaper than normal airport parking. As the airport has to offer many parking spots within a relatively small area, prices are high, whereas independent companies that own land off-site can charge you less.

Reservation of parking spot

You can easily find the best parking spots on online portals. Some off-site parking providers even have customized mobile apps. 

Personal assistance

If you are not sure where your terminal is or if you have any problem with your heavy luggage, you get personal assistance right on the spot. There is going to be no extra charge for any of it.

Meet and greet service as well as park and ride service

The valet service that you get with off-site parking is led by parking staff who take care of your car and give you a lift to the airport. In addition, parking providers offer park and ride services.


Off-site airport parking usually offers 24/7 security, as they often have a lower number of parked cars in their lot. This makes it easier for security to monitor the vehicles.

Conclusion - Cheap airport parking is possible

You shouldn’t need to worry about finding a parking spot and about being able to afford it when you’re about to go on a trip. By planning ahead and booking off-site parking, you don’t just save money, but also preserve your peace of mind.